Forced Air-Cooled Rectifiers

By: JBC 2001 Limited  01-02-2012
Keywords: Rectifiers

One of our top-selling medium range rectifiers. The main selling feature of this rectifier is the cooling method, which also results in energy savings by nature of the design. What is natural convection? Without giving too much away, cooling is achieved without forced air or water by over-sizing the transformers, conductors and semiconductors. Because the components now run fairly cool, heat is thus able to radiate away naturally. As a consequence of this, energy is saved in two ways. Firstly, no fan for annual savings of approximately 1500kWh. Secondly, all components are designed to run cooler therefore less energy is expended in heat. Features: - Low current density transformers - All copper windings - Highest grade electrical coresteel - Highest grade Nomex insulation - Heatsinks are clear anodized aluminum - Interphase to reduce rms. currents - All panels removable for service - Ripple less than 5% at full output - Rated for continuous duty at full output - Max. Temp. rise of 85C at 45C ambient - Meets ripple requirements for aerospace plating processes - CSA Approved Advantages: - Energy Efficient - Runs cooler - Easy to repair and troubleshoot - Virtually maintenance free - Can be designed to accommodate existing busbar assemblies

Keywords: Rectifiers

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