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By: Hk Metalcraft  09-12-2011

Conical discs are widely used as compression springs to support large loads, when space in the direction of loading is limited. These washers may be stacked for increased loads and/or deflection. (See Hi-Stak™ Spring Pak™.)

Certain conical disc spring designs permit the washer to have “oil canning” or “snap through” characteristics. (Snap through is when a washer is stable on either side of the flat position.)True Belleville washers do not take on a permanent set on application. A permanent set, due to stresses exceeding the elastic limit of the washer material, can result in internal strains and washer failures. Conical Disc Spring Washers will take on a permanent set when over stressed.Uses include:
  • Substitution for coil spring

  • Provide heavy preload

  • Preload for shafts

  • Provide tension control when using dissimilar metals

  • Reduce vibration

  • Bus bar applications

For help in selecting a Belleville Type Conical Disc Spring Washer, contact us and we will assist you with the design.

Outisde Diameter.......± .010
Inside Diameter........ Up to/including No. 10: ± .005
Over No. 10: ± .010
Thickness............. Commercial
Overall Height......... + .005 to – .015 as stamped
Some distortion may occur in heat treatment.
Load Range 
PSI.................Tens of pounds to tons
Load Characteristics 
Spring Rate...........Approximately linear, increasing,
decreasing after increasing, flat after increasing
Near Flat Position...... Erratic

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