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By: Choices 4 Wellness  09-12-2011

"This product has become so popular in our store! Women have such challenges with hormonal control, but what we don`t know, according to the experts I've talked to, is that most is due to environmental factors we cannot control: pesticides, plastics, and many many more toxins that affect your hormones. Estrosense helps protect you ! Estrosense is the best as a preventative measure..keeping those levels of "synthetic" estrogen lower to protect you - women of ALL ages."

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LTO3 | Wellness with Kim

We have over crowded classes, and too much stimulation for our kids, including chemicals in foods, etc etc. LTO3 is for all those parents like I was/am looking for natural solutions to such diagnosis. Our school system cannot handle our bright gifted, and energetic children in the current way. What parent out there can't identify now-a-days to "your child has ADD - or ADHD".


Ultimate Male Energy | Wellness with Kim

Ultimate Male Energy, while it does give you energy, helps to decrease these synthetic Estrogens, potentially helping you ward off things like estrogen positive cancers: bladder, prostate and even breast cancer in men now. This comes from a lot of factors, environmental toxins being one very huge one. Did you know men are accumulating an excess of estrogen.


Super Critical Omega Fish Oil

Even Dr. Oz has stated the fact that you need to be sure the fish oil caps you take are of high quality. It is very scary how many on the market have some really BAD stuff in them, added by the manufacturer. Quality is a huge concern, because fish oil can be contaminated with mercury, lead, and even P.C.B`s. We NEVER worry about that with the Norwegian Gold line of fish oil. I`ve had customers bring me their fish oil.