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Fiberglass is now proven as the most effective solution in extreme cold weather- so it's ideal for the Canadian climate. Fiberglass usage far surpasses organic in other harsh environments including New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Maine (see chart).

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Basic Facts About Today's Shingle Mats fiberglass Mats..
  • Utilize modem technology
  • Haw a consistent formulation of the glass fibers
  • Are proven to be both strong and durable in all climates

Why Fiberglass Technology Is A Better Choice.

Organic Mat Loves Water..Fiberglass Doesnt

  • Organic Mat Almost Always Has Voids..
  • Fiberglass Mat Almost Never Has Voids

Waste materials, including aluminum foil, plastic and styrene foam can't allow the perfect saturation required to fill voids.The fiberglass process almost guarantees that all voids are 100% filled.

Are Organic Shingles Bad?

Not necessarily. However, the quality of raw materials used to produce organic mat has diminished since the introduction of organic shingles: cotton rag has been replaced primarily by waste paper formulas or even sawdust! Additionally, either over- or under-saturating organic mat can result in problems. The use of modem fiberglass technology reduces these manufacturing sensitivities and risks.   

Organic Mats..

  • Are made primarily of waste paper (cardboard, newspaper), wood fiber and other "by-products"
  • Contain trace contaminants such as aluminum foil, plastic, and styrene foam that can cause voids
  • Can exhibit variation in content and consistency from one production run to the next.

Typical organic shingles spread fire up to 600% farther and faster than fiberglass shingles in the Underwriters Laboratories tests.

Keywords: fiberglass

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