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By: Limnion  09-12-2011
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The LIMNION LIMA-1 combines high performance and compact size in a geothermal transfer system designed for installation in lakes, rivers, ponds, and oceans. The LIMA-1 is engineered to extract or reject energy from and to the earth using surrounding water as the transfer medium. Unlike conventional field built lake loops or mats, the LIMA-1 is engineered and manufactured using fluoropolymer tubing in a modern and strictly controlled facility. The LIMA-1 features a number of break-through innovations (Patents Pending) in geothermal energy transfer and an industry leading heat exchanger design.

LIMA-1is suitable for 6 ton capacities and has a footprint only 1/600th of the size of a standard lake loop/ mat. LIMA-1 does not adversely affect the ecosystem as it suspends itself harmlessly within the lake water anchored with a 132 pound ball that of which only the bottom 4 inches is in contact with the lake bottom. LIMA-1 will not rust or corrode as it is made of non-metal construction and all components are of modern polymers. LIMA-1 is non-toxic and the protective shell actually provides a habitat for tiny fish and other aquatic animals. The unit can be raised and lowered as required if service or cleaning is ever deemed necessary. Everything has been thought out right down to the tether rope. It is made with materials proven not to rot or fail even in salt water and once the knot is tied it will not slip.

The Core of the LIMA-1 is an innovative energy exchanger that has been engineered for optimum efficiency while maintaining a compact size of approximately 1 meter (3 feet) in diameter. More than 1680 meters (5511) feet of enhanced nontoxic polymer tubing are carefully positioned and spiralled in the LIMA-1. A combination of low flow resistance and high thermal transfer characteristics deliver balanced and unequalled heat exchanger performance.

LIMA-1 can be used with any premium quality "water to air" or "water to water" heat pump and makes installations a breeze. These heat pumps are highly efficient and sip electrical energy to power a compressor, circulating pumps and control circuits. This is the only power required. The rest is provided from the sun and the earth.

The LIMA-1 requires no fossil fuels, reduces the carbon footprint and does not harm the environment. The exchanger is in total harmony with the natural environment as it elegantly and efficiently heats and cools our buildings using totally renewable energy stored in the earth.

"Now anyone on a lake, river or pond can heat and cool their building using energy from the water. Imagine heating and cooling your building naturally without ever paying for fossil fuels again! This technology is so advanced it presents an unprecedented leap forward in water source geothermal heating technology".

All sizes of homes and cottages on waterfront can now be heated and cooled using energy from the water. A single LIMA-1 is suitable for 5 ton capacities however additional LIMA-1 systems may be combined to meet virtually any thermal transfer requirement. Even extremely large residential and commercial buildings can use LIMA-1 if they are on a body of water*.

Rock has always been a problem for lake geothermal systems as burying the header pipes is not possible without costly blasting. Not anymore! If your home or cottage is on rock no need to blast or worry, LIMNION products are compatible with Heat-Line freeze protection systems.

The LIMA-1 is designed to enhance the operation of any good quality geothermal heat pump*. A single LIMA-1 geothermal transfer system will provide up to 60,000 Btu/h of energy exchange.

* Body of water sized according to heating/cooling load. Recommend a minimum of 1.2-1.8 Meters (4-6 feet) of water depth above the LIMA-1.

The LIMA-1 is professionally manufactured in a state of the art manufacturing and testing environment ensuring quality, performance, reliability and durability. The LIMA-1 is constructed using quality grade High Density Polyethylene and Fluoropolymers. The exchanger pipes are constructed from an enhanced fluoropolymer which reduces resistance to flow and increases thermal transfer.

The LIMNION LIMA-1 can be used in pressurized and non-pressurized closed circuits systems. The superior flow and transfer rates of the LIMA-1 are compatible with readily available heat pump and exchange fluids, including non-toxic, non-flammable glycols such as LimaSol corn based glycol. LIMNION recommends that all LIMA-1 installations incorporate a GeoCirculator flow center and LimaSol heat exchange fluid in order to provide maximum safety and performance.


 LIMA-1 Specifications
 Weight:  56.8 Kg / 125 lb
 Width:  107 cm / 42 in
 Height:  112 cm / 44 in
 Volume:  62 Liters / 16 Gallons (US)
 Construction:  HDPE, and specialized polymers
 * Approximates - information is subject to change without notice.
* Posted performance calculated using water

The product of extensive research and development, the LIMA-1 incorporates numerous features that address growing concerns pertaining to the environmental impact associated with traditional submerged lake loops and mats. Once installed, the LIMA-1 is firmly anchored on the lake bottom but can easily be released and floated to the surface if service or maintenance is ever required.

Every consideration has been made to ensure ease of handling and installation. The LIMA-1 is remarkably small, light-weight and rugged. Smooth edges, integrated hand-holds, commercial grade header pipes and pipe fittings will consistently exceed the expectations of the installer by reducing labour costs and making the installation straight forward and trouble-free. Even special care has been taken to package the LIMA-1 product with advanced packaged designs that cradle the product similar to an egg to eliminate any possible damages during shipping.

The LIMNION LIMA-1 has many unique design features:

  • The convective holes in the shell act as hand holds for manoeuvring the unit into place. Once in position these holes allow water to pass through the LIMNION LIMA-1 core while providing access to a unique and safe habitat for small fish, other aquatic animals.
  • The elegant design and shape has been formed to deflect ropes and fishing lines while protecting the inner core from mechanical injury while in its location.
  • The modest size of the LIMA-1 renders it virtually invisible from the surface
  • There is no metal used in the LIMA-1 construction so there is nothing to rust or corrode even in salt or acidic water
  • The plastics used are made of virgin non-toxic polymers
  • LIMA-1 has no moving parts. There is nothing to wear out or fail
  • The proprietary materials are specially enhanced for high performance heat transfer and are neutrally buoyant in water making LIMA-1 easy to move into place
  • LIMA-1 is compatible with all high quality geothermal heat pump products
  • Entire installation process is simplified for huge labour savings
  • LIMA-1 is supplied with a specially designed ball anchor with a flat bottom for ease of installation
  • Other anchoring/fastening methods can be incorporated for virtually all water installation requirements


  • Designed to meet CSA-C448 Specifications
  • Meets CGC (Canadian Geoexchange Coalition) requirements
  • Lightweight hexagonal shape and integrated hand-holds
  • Exterior shell is shaped to deflect ropes, anchors and fishing lines and to protect the exchanger from possible mechanical injury
  • The non-metal polymer construction minimizes aquatic growth in fresh water
  • Specially designed round anchor ballast is filled on site with pre-mixed concrete, has small footprint on the lake bottom of less than one square foot and weighs approximately 60kg (132lbs)
  • Constructed of proprietary material specially enhanced for high performance heat transfer
  • Neutrally buoyant in water and installation is quick and easy, as the LIMA-1 can be simply floated to its position in the water
  • Constructed of non-toxic polymers - there are no metal parts and nothing to corrode
  • No moving parts - Nothing to wear out or fail
  • Excellent for new installations and performance upgrading of existing loops and mats for complete environmentally friendly solution
  • The small foot print ensures minimal impact on the sensitive lake bottom
  • A complete LIMA-1 installation contains significantly less heat exchange fluid than a convention loop or mat installations (up to 80% less)
  • The LIMA-1 is a totally serviceable product
  • The LIMA-1 is the safest lake source geothermal exchange system as it does not require the use of flammable or potentially toxic heat transfer fluids such as ethanol


  • LIMA-1 Heat Exchanger
  • Anchor Ballast and Mount (Pre-mix Concrete Not Included)
  • Anchor Ballast Tether
  • Required socket fusion fittings for direct fusion connection at LIMA-1
  • Required Nuts and Bolts

The LIMA-1 is shipped with all components for water installation. The LIMA-1 can be unpackaged, assembled and installed in less than 1 hour and can be fully purged in 3 - 5 minutes.

Keywords: Geothermal Energy, heat pump, Heat Pumps