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By: Manorsoft  09-12-2011
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Telephone Number Lookup

Retrieve customer details by entering only the telephone number. Chopstix will display previously entered name, address, and special instructions from previous orders.

Area Code Pre-Entry

Select a local area code and Chopstix will pre-enter the area code into the telephone number lookup. Reduce typing and speed order entry.

Telephone Number Extension

Enter an internal extension number for corporate customers to bypass the operator or for late night orders.

Apartment and Building Entry

The unit number in a multi-tenant building is entered separately from the building address allowing it to be clearly displayed on the customer receipt for delivery orders. Chopstix can also store additional building entry instructions to assist drivers in successfully delivering the order such as building entry codes, instructions to outdoor events and room numbers for corporate orders.

Main Intersection

Enter driving directions for difficult to find addresses, major landmarks, or main cross streets to assist drivers in locating the address.

Repeat Order Count

Chopstix displays the number of times the customer has ordered. Use the count to identify regular customers or for new customer specials.

Multiple Delivery Methods

Select at order time the method of delivery which will be printed on the receipt enabling you to separate orders by delivery method. Keep pickup orders hot by the door while orders for delivery can be made ready for fast driver turnaround.

Customer Last Order Recall

Retrieve all the items from the customer's last order and load them into the current order. Quickly repeat a favourite order, or helpfully suggest items the customer previously enjoyed.

Change Customer Telephone Number

Transfer all customer details to a new telephone number, no retyping required and all order history is preserved with the new number.

Complaints and Account Credits

When a customer has a complaint about an order, preserve the customer relationship and ensure a future order by recording the complaint and applying a credit to the next purchase or purchases. Chopstix automatically applies the credit balance to future orders until the balance is exhausted.

Special Instructions

When a customer has a special request, store it with the customer details. Surprise your customers by remembering their previous requests during the order process. All special instructions will be printed on both kitchen and customer receipts.

Menu Code Item Entry

Enter items based on your own menu codes to keep pace with customer order speed. Simply enter quantity and code to complete the item and the full name and price are automatically inserted.

Real Time Totals

All totals including taxes, discounts, delivery charges and specials are displayed on-screen as each item is entered.

Per Item Instructions

Insert special instructions to any individual item on the order. Swap ingredients, specify cooking instructions or reinforce allergy requirements. All item instructions are printed on both kitchen and customer receipts.

Item Style Choices

Each menu item may have multiple styles assigned to differentiate similar items. Some uses include choice of sauce type, cooking length or main ingredient.

Item Extras

Each menu item may have multiple unvalued items attached to it for inclusion on the printed receipt. Use extra items to include specific condiments, cutlery, or prepackaged additional items such as soup crackers or dry noodles.

Combo Items

Chopstix allows the creation of special combo menu items which contain one or more sub-items with a package price. Each sub-item is individually displayed on the order and all normal item features such as styles, extras, and special instructions are available.

Combo Item Override and Adjustment

Change any combo sub-item, allowing substitution of combo components. The price of the combo can be manually adjusted up or down on each sub-item to account for the price difference between the original item and its replacement.

Multiple Payment Methods

Select a payment type during the order process and it will be printed clearly on the receipt to assist with external payment processing. Use the payment method to ease reconciling daily totals for cash, credit card and debit purchases.

Credit Card Information

Gather customer credit card information during the order process to ensure cardholder signature by printing card info and signature line on the receipt.

Void Payments

The void payment method allows the creation of specially designated orders that can be used to account for non-standard events. Chopstix balances the need for accountability with the reality of canceled orders, refused deliveries, and special circumstances.

Custom Business Rules

Chopstix supports running custom business rules to implement policies such as waived delivery charges, free items, specials, cash and pickup discounts, linked items, and more. Contact us for more information.

Cash Helper

When a Cash payment is chosen the Cash Helper window will appear during receipt printing to assist with calculation of change to be returned based on cash tendered.

Receipt Reprint

Chopstix will reprint an order receipt when necessary, such as during printer failure or the original receipt is damaged during order preparation.


A manual discount in dollars or percent can be applied to any order. Reward loyal customers, set favourable pricing for large orders, or handle off-menu items with negative discounts.

Delivery Charge

A manual delivery charge can be set or waived that overrides normal business rules charges.

Quick New Order

Immediately abort the current order and begin a new order with a single keystroke.

Recall Last

Retrieve the last posted order without first entering the customer telephone number.

Multiple Local Terminals

Chopstix supports multiple additional terminals networked to the main terminal. No additional licence required.

Two Column Receipt

Chopstix generates a split receipt format that places the kitchen and customer copy of the receipt side by side for use with perforated paper. Both receipts are printed simultaneously to avoid lost or mixed-up receipts in a busy establishment.

Order Time

The exact time that the order was posted is printed on both receipts. Useful for determining wait and delivery times.

Delivery Method

The method of delivery is included in the details portion of the receipt to prevent incorrect delivery.

Payment Method

The method of payment is clearly printed at the bottom of the receipt to prevent orders requiring additional actions such as physical card swipe from being delivered before payment.

Per Item Instructions

Each item special instruction is clearly indicated on both receipts to ensure the instruction is complied with by staff.

Tax Registration

In jurisdictions that require a tax registration number declaration on the receipt, one or both tax registration numbers may be printed on the receipt.

Credit Card Signature Line

A signature line is printed on the receipt when a credit card is used to order. Avoid charge-backs by obtaining the customer signature at delivery.

Custom Business Rule Items

Items added as a result of custom business rules are printed in the order portion of the receipt below a blank space to clearly differentiate. This allows behaviour such as sauce choices or free items at certain purchase levels to be appended to the order.

Item Extras

Menu item extras are printed below the order section of the receipt to clearly indicate the difference from normal items. If these items are prepackaged, this section can be used to speed order packing during preparation.

Credit Remaining

When an account credit has been applied to an order, or a manual negative balance was placed on the account, the credit balance remaining is printed on the receipt.

Simple Receipt

Optimized for line printers, the simple design of the receipt permits high speed printing to keep pace with orders.

Receipt Quality and Speed Settings

Increase the quality or the speed of receipt printing based on printer capabilities and business requirements.

Receipt Print Queue

Once an order has been posted, the print job for the receipt is queued and Chopstix is ready to take a new order while the receipt is still printing. When multiple terminals are in use, a single receipt printer may be shared.

Web-based Menu Manager

Use a standard web browser to maintain the menu for Chopstix. Add new items, change prices, redefine specials all through standard web forms.

Menu Item Generations

Chopstix tracks changes to the menu so it can preserve order history while allowing menu changes at any time. Retrieving an old order will always show the menu item as it was at the time of the order.

Daily Report

Show all orders for the day including daily totals for subtotal, discount, delivery, taxes and total receipts. Orders may be individually opened to view item details, and any special instructions posted with the order.

Opensource Database Format

All information gathered by Chopstix is stored in an opensource database format provided by SQLite. Create additional reports by querying the database directly, and rest assured your customer and order data is not locked into a proprietary format.


The Chopstix database can be backed up in an industry standard SQL statement format. Use the backup to restore Chopstix or export it to another database for your own use.

Keywords: credit card

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