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By: Liphe Design  09-12-2011
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The “New Biology” by Dr. Robert Young

Live and Dried Blood Cell Analysis  

Our body’s optimum health is reached and supported in an alkaline state verses an acidic state. When our body shows signs of discomfort and other dysfunctional symptoms and experiences, it has likely reached an extended state of acidity, also known as acidosis.      

Our body uses its own language, physical, mental and emotional symptoms in order to cue us into making changes for our own well-being. In order to help your body and mind return to its healthy state, weight, shape and vitality.       

Symptoms are our body’s way of communicating to us. As long as the body remains in an acidic state we’ll continue to experience disharmony from our natural state of being in various forms of discomfort, illness and dis-ease (distance from ease).  Acidosis may show up in a variety of ‘problems’ such as with our body organs, breathing difficulties, mood swings, hormonal issues; lymphatic, digestive and endocrine systems, skin sensitivities, allergies or in the form of other bodily discomforts.   
What is Microscopy and How it Works

Microscopy, live and dried blood cell analyses, allows us to see first hand what is going on within us. We can learn to manage and enhance our own health and vitality through this amazing gift. Donna is trained as a pH Nutritional Microscopist by Dr. Robert Young at the pH Miralce Living Center in California.    
pH Microscopy uses two types of blood tests. It’s  a science used to compliment regular blood work. It’s a means of early detection of the body’s imbalances, often before they are evident in regular medical testing. It began in Europe in the 1920’s continues with popularity today throughout the world.   The focus of the analysis of each test is less on the symptoms and more on the root cause. For when the causes are eliminated the symptoms will naturally be reversed – the human body is programmed for self-healing.                     

The first of the two tests is Live Blood Cell Analysis. A drop of blood is expressed from a finger tip, placed on a slide and magnified up to 6000 times under a video microscope. Both red and white blood cells continue to live for several hours and can be observed on a monitor screen as they function.               

The second test, Dried Blood Cell Analysis, uses a second drop of blood to deposit 8 layers on a slide. The layers dry in a centrifugal spinning action as the blood coagulates. Patterns are thus formed which can indicate free radical activity – an early detection sign.         

Both analyses are displayed on a monitor screen, discussed with the client and a protocol is developed to assist with diet, supplementation, detoxification and/or lifestyle changes. As an added feature  pH Nutrition is part of the session to further compliment the Live and Dried Blood Analyses. Though should you only want a pH Nutrition session it can be booked separately.         

  Reasons for Microscopy    

  • Increase Energy
  • Assists Healing
  • Early Detection Tool
  • Balance Body Systems
  • Increase Self Awareness
  • Weight Loss and Weight Gain
  • Clear Allergies and Sensitivities
  • Enhance Physical, Mental and Emotional Health

Live and Dried Blood Cell Analyses Can Detect       

  • glucose intolerance
  • immune system activity and condition of red blood cells
  • nutritional imbalances – vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, protein…
  • digestive insufficiency, bowel dysfunction
  • hormone imbalance (i.e. thyroid and pancreas)
  • congested lymphatic system
  • circulatory inefficiency and under oxygenation
  • candida/yeast, parasites, viral activity
  • liver and kidney stress
  • stress, emotional trauma…
  • toxicity from metals, chemicals, radiation, poor diet and much more…

 It matters not what the disease,
because the disease is not the cause but the affect of an over-acidic lifestyle and diet,
which is the cause of disease!
     ~Dr. Robert O. Young~      

Preparing for Live and Dried Blood Cell Analyses 
1. Learn how to revitalize and enhance your own health and vitality.
2. Education is provided and a protocol is set in place to help you reach your optimum state.
3. Fast for min. 4 hours prior to the appointment time. 
4. Please drink at least 1 liter of water during the hour prior to appointment time.   
5. Do not take supplements, alcohol, drugs or medication for 48 hours before the test if medically safe and appropriate.
6. Check with your physician about the safety of missing or delaying doses of prescription medications.
7. Bring your breakfast or food and beverage with you to the appointment. You can eat and drink once a blood sample is taken.
8. Appointments take 1½ hour to 2 hours. Feedback is immediate and written reports are provided.
“If someone were to ask me what’s the one thing I can do to have better health,
then the answer would be very simple: Start drinking alkalized and ionized water.”
~ Dr. Robert O. Young Interviewed on CNN News ~

Reclaim Your Health and Empower Yourself…
Initial consultation plus the 4 week follow up appointment $395
Further sessions are $165
Monitor Your Health with Bi-annual Check-ups 


These vibrations are reflected in all parts of our life, including our physical bodies (starting with all of our cells including our blood cells), our internal world (thoughts, feelings, beliefs, desires and goals) and in our external world (life path, career, prosperity, travel, families, relationships and more). This puts new meaning to we are  what we eat, drink, think, feel and remember.   

Our life is a reflection of our “beliefs”. These beliefs, usually subconscious, are the cumulative effect of life-long “programming”. As a result of past conditioning, we sometimes think and behave in self-defeating ways.   

Cell biologist, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D suggests in his book, The Biology of Belief that perhaps the best way to understand the subconscious mind is to view it as a set of recorded tapes that play around the clock on repeat. These tapes repeat the thousands of beliefs that we have accumulated from our childhood, from our genetic line, from previous lives, and even from others around us. Because these tapes are always running, they are constantly sending messages to our cells, to every person with whom we interact, and to every situation into which we enter. They also dictate most of our decision making and thought processes throughout our day. Of course, we assert our conscious desires and beliefs as well, only in order to do this the majority of time, we must be highly focused, attentive and present – a state of consciousness few of us can maintain in our busy and fast paced lives.  

“The secret to life is belief. Rather than genes, it is our beliefs that control our lives.”
~ Bruce Lipton, Ph. D. ~
Cellular Biology, Author of The Biology of Belief    

Conscious thoughts can be changed easily by simply receiving information, reading a book, having a conversation, or seeing the results of actions. If conscious information was all that was needed, then experiencing success in all areas of life would be easy. Unless changes are made at the subconscious level, however, repeating undesired reactions and behaviours will likely continue.         

Subconscious beliefs have far reaching consequences, both positive and negative, in every aspect of life. They affect moods, relationships, job performance, self-esteem, prosperity, and even physical health. It is imperative to know how to change self-limiting beliefs into beliefs that support our goals and aspirations.  

Now to follow through with all this,  the Universe, using the Law of Attraction, reads these vibrations and responds by making equivalent matches in our lives with people, places, things, events and situations. The Law of Attraction does not determine whether these choices are good or bad for us.  It’s job is to merely read these vibrations and match it in our lives. So, once we alter our vibration the results are reflected back to us through our well being; internal and external life.     

Did you ever wonder why all of our focus and efforts sometimes seems wasted thus not achieving our desired results. We need to address our cellular well being. This now means we can consciously choose and experience the quality of life we desire to live, including our health and well-being as well as successfully living out our personal life dreams and goals. We can alter, adjust and fine tune all of this right down to our own cellular behaviours…yes, right down to our genes. In fact each of us is already doing this and more. The question is do we like what we are living?            

LipHe Design™ works using a wholistic approach. Vibrational therapies play a major role in shifing our personal energy, wellness and our bio-energetic field thus affecting our results on all levels of being.  We’ll be working with our body as a whole, focusing on the physical, mental and emotional bodies including our bio-energetic field.  We’ll address such issues as cellular nutrition, behavioral and celluar patterns, plus our conscious and subconscious connections.  We’ll start with an initial consultation and determine direction from there.    It’s simple. What do you desire to experience?   

  • Career Change
  • Business Growh
  • Attract Your Life Partner
  • Improve Financial Prosperity
  • Release  Addictive Behaviours
  • Personal Health and Well-being
  • Increase Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Shift Old Patterns and Adopt New Habits
  • Improve Marital, Family and Social Relationships

Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy
to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment,
you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals,
and values are in balance.
~ Brian Tracy~

Experience the Difference Living Within You.  Embrace Your Transformation.
75 minute session $145      or      4/month $400 (save $180)         In Person or Telesessions


Our body is a reflection of our life choices, internal thoughts, feelings and emotions. Learn how to revitalize, re-juvenate and heal your body. Discover the food and beverages that heal, restore and brings your body back into balance so that you can capitalize on the maximum amount of energy. Learn the activities that will assist you in having optimum health with the least amount of effort. Included are visual guidelines, recipes, menus, food and supplement shopping list. 

The Doctor of the Future will give no medicine,
but will involve the patient in the proper use of food, fresh air, and exercise.
~Thomas Edison~

Improve Your Health… Increase Your Energy

75 minute session $145     or      4/month $400 (save $180)         In Person or Tele-sessions   


Zero Point Energy is an ancient science full of modern validation.  As you already know, the modern concept of Zero Point Energy was developed in Germany by Albert Einstein in 1913.  Einstein identified Zero Point Energy as the vacuum energy of space when all energy fields are at their most balanced state.  

Ancient Yogis in India identified balanced life energy as Still Point energy thousands of years ago and defined it as the space between the inhale and exhale breaths.  According to the Yogis, there is a brief instant of homeostasis (neutrality and balance) between each full breath when the body is free from stress, mental fatigue and physical exhaustion.  Achieving the neutrality of Still Point every second, whether sleeping or awake, was  that state of restful bliss where these ancient ones who first defined it desired to live their lives.    

Zero Point Energy Massage is wonderful in helping to relieve pain, tension, stress, old and new injuries, revitalize a tired body plus it continues working long after the massage is over. Keeping Zero Point Massage as part of your regular health routine allows you to move deeper and deeper into feeling your best and living in a state of harmony.   

Feel the Difference from Head to Toe…   
Options: Partial and Full Body Massages
Special Features: Foot Massage and Chakra Balancing
45 minute session $75       4/month $265 (save $35)
60 minute session $95       4/month $340 (save $40) 

Home, Office,Business, Landscape and Body Health Feng Shui  

Feng Shui is built on 3 principles; everything is alive with the vital energy called, Ch’i; we are all connected and everything is constantly changing.  

Feng Shui translated means wind water. Wind, the unseen force of nature, symbolizes the inner world of our thoughts, goals, feelings and prayers. Water, the visible force of nature, represents the outer world, including our home and work place. Feng Shui is as much about living in health, happiness and harmony as it is about safety, comfort and beauty.   

Our environments have a direct effect on our health, family, relationships, career, wealth, desires, dreams and goals. Feng Shui is like environmental acupressure and addresses all the areas of our life. Set yourself up for success. Private consultations for residential, business, offices, landscapes and body health are available. Workshops are also offered. Program prices and dates vary. Please contact us for details.   

Everything is alive with the vital energy called Ch’i.
~ Terah Kathryn Collins ~   


Could you enjoy greater harmony, confidence, recognition or prosperity in your world? How about increased focus, clarity, creativity, vitality or peace? Invite Feng Shui into your world. Align your environments to help you achieve your desired quality of living and to achieve your dreams, goals and desires.    

Setting up a space with Feng Shui is vital to your success and equally important for desired results is space clearing and cleansing. Whether it be a room, a home, business or office let us help you achieve your goals. Set up an appointment to have your space reflect the best for you. For details on a Feng Shui consultation or our space clearing and cleansing service please contact us.   

Prices may vary on space, size and location. Consultations are tax-applicable and may be subject to mileage/travel costs.

Feng Shui Consultation Approx. Fee
Residential $250 +
Office Space/Small Business $325 +
Landscape $195 +
Commercial/Large Business $450 +
Body Health Feng Shui $165

An initial phone interview is conducted to help determine your goals and to share with you the Feng Shui procedure you may expect from the consultation. After each consultation there is a follow up session by phone where questions are welcomed. To learn more or to make an appointment please contact us.  

Like the forces of nature and wind and water, our inner and outer worlds are constantly interacting with one another. This relationship between the two can yield unhappy, “stormy times” and joyous, “fair-weather times”. The relationship between the two is like gravity, it is happening all the time whether we are aware of it or not. By being aware we become our own “weather maker”.
~ Terah Kathryn Collins ~


We are multi-sensory beings living in a third dimensional world having a physical experience.  For every physical sense we have there is a non-physical sense waiting to be expressed. We live in a virtual sea of information waiting to guide us in living our highest potential and best life.  

Donna is a certified Angel Therapy® Practitioner by Doreen Virtue. Experience an Angel Reading where you can learn more about yourself; your lifepath, health, purpose, career, relationships and more.  

To believe in the things that you can see and touch is no belief at all,
but to belief in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing
~ Abraham Lincoln ~

Discover more…
75 minute session $145       In Person or Tele-sessions   


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Keywords: Nutrition

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