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By: Liphe Design  09-12-2011

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The world is over 70% water, our bodies are over 70% water and our blood is over 70% water. The quality of our earth’s waters determines the quality of life. 

The water within our bodies determines the quality of our well-being. The pH of water is now in the forefront of living a healthy happy life. Not all water is equal. The lower the pH of water the more acidic it is and the higher the pH the more alkaline it is. Healthy drinking water is at 9.5 and higher on the pH scale.  Now available are Alkaline Water Ionizers. They produce healthy alkaline, micro-clustered, anti-oxidant water. 

 Below is a photo of various waters that have been tested using the pH scale (shown by the colour of the water). The yellow water to the left is very acidic and to the right is less acidic.     

Questions you might want to ask yourself are:
What quality of water am I drinking?
Do I know the pH of the water I am drinking?
Is it pre-filter and puriphied?        

For our bodies to be healthy we must be drinking healthy alkaline water. Water ionizers build  healthy water which helps to keep our bodies alkaline and vibrant. Ionized water is a powerful anti-oxidant, alkalizing, hydrating and detoxifying. Call now to learn more and to order your Alkaline Water Ionizer. They’re simple and easy to install yourself.    

Dr. Robert O. Young, author of The pH Miracle, interviewed on CNN News.
“If someone were to ask me what’s the one thing I can do to have better health,
then the answer would be very simple:
Start drinking alkalized and ionized water.”     

What Will Alkaline Water Do For My Health?      

Benefits of Alkaline Water   Benefits of Acid Water
(Internal Use)                                  (External Use)
Regulates blood pressure            Relieves athletes foot, eczema
Helps digestive problems            Sterilizes burns of heat rash
Adult disease control                    Complexion enhancement
Balance body pH                             Soothes dry, itchy skin
Reduce acidosis                               Wounds heal faster
Reverse Aging                                 Mouth wash
Increased Energy                          Reduces acne
Urea stones dissolved                  Excellent hair rinse
Good antioxidant source             Promotes plant growth
Cooked foods taste better            Extends life of cut flowers         

Dehydration is the number one cause of death.
~ Dr. Robert O. Young ~

Adds Healthy Minerals to Your Diet
Ionized water is an excellent and convenient way to add alkaline minerals to your diet.              

Proper Hydration
Proper hydration is an essential key to health and fitness. And here’s the verdict on drinking alkaline water from the toughest judges –powerlifters: It quenches! The superior hydrating quality of ionized water (sometimes called “microclustered water”) is related to its smaller molecular clusters making it easier to be absorbed by our cells thus flushing out toxins.                      

  • No wait for your alkaline water. Due to its highly sophisticated self-cleaning system, when you first turn the unit on, your drinking water is immediately available.
  • It cleans itself as you draw water and continues to clean itself silently after you stop drawing water.
    These auto-cleanings ensure continued maximum performance by removing any particles that may have gotten into the ionizing chamber and any build-ups on the electrodes. The result? An appliance you can trust will provide many years of trouble-free service.

  Alkaline Water Ionizers connect in minutes to the kitchen tap, with the standard diverter (all hardware included).  A convenient on/off water valve in the front of the unit allows you the option of plumbing directly into the water supply (mains) beneath the sink.     

Ionized water re-juvenates and restores our tissues back to whole health. The energized five and six sided water molecules produced by the Amized Water Ionizer makes perfect healthy structured water to nuture our body. Feel the difference…live the difference! Order your water ionzer today.             

, was introduced in the 1990’s to microclustered (ionized) water and to the technology of Magnetic Resonance Analysis. He then began a quest to uncover the mysteries of water. Renowned internationally, Emoto has published several volumes of Messages from Water, containing photographs of water crystals. His work has also been featured in the film “What the Bleep…” Experiments consist of exposing water to different words, pictures or music; then freezing and examining the aesthetics of the resulting crystals with microscopic photography. To the left is a photo of a water crytal produced by our Jupiter Water Ionizers as taken by Dr. Emoto. Proof that this makes a perfect healthy water structure.

Regularly $1595… Order Now Save $100
NEW Mini Portable Water Ionizers $125                                                                                               

pH NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS    Miracle Living Center, California, USA

Dr. Young’s Alkalizing Nutritional Supplements          

Founder of “The New Biology®”

Creator of the “Science of Alkaline Living™ for Health”.

Dr. Robert O. Young and Shelley Redford Young Alkalizing Supplements.


Dr. Young’s Products NOW Available in Ottawa
Mother Hubbard’s Health Food Store
20-250 Greenbank Rd.
613 820 3178

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