Chiropractic and Active Release Techniques

Chiropractic and Active Release Techniques from ChiroActive

By: ChiroActive  22-03-2011
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 At Carleton Place Chiropractic, we offer Active Release Techniques® (ART). ART is a soft tissue technique that treats problems with scar tissue built up in muscles, fascia, ligaments, and nerves. Not only is ART effective for rehabilitation and sports injuries, it is also successful in treating overuse and repetitive strain injuries. When an injury occurs, our bodies produce scar tissue and adhesions. An accumulation of scar tissues can stop the natural movement of muscles and other soft tissues that result in pain, discomfort and weakness. Scar tissue can also irritate tendons and nerves. This may cause sensations such as pins and needles or numbness. ART works to break up this scar tissue so muscles and nerves can return to a natural pain-free movement and function. Shoulder pain, headaches, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and shin splints are just a few examples of the many conditions that can be helped with Active Release Techniques. Even patients with chronic back and neck pain experience relief from Active Release Techniques as part of their regular chiropractic care. ART can reduce recovery time and increase performance

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