By: Auto Glass Worx  09-12-2011
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Our technicians use a quick-curing urethane and windshield primers. This prevents windshield de-bonding, which can lead to occupant ejection, during most vehicle roll-overs. Allow time for windshield sealant to cure before safe drive away time is achieved. Times range from 1/2 hour and above depending on sealiant and temperature.

  • Trained technicians
  • Insured for your protection
  • Insured for liability
  • Garge insurance policy for picking up cars
  • Speed glass network member
  • Approved parts & pricing for all insurance companies. We deal with most North American Insurance plans.
  • A prefered contractor by GM, Ford dealership & leasing companies.
  • Insurance recommended auto glass company
  • Paper work handled and insurance billed directly for you
  • Glass claims will not increase your insurance premiums
  • Specialized power tools to serice encapsulated windshields; i.e, Lincoin, Taurus, Sables, Volkswagens, Audis, Saturns & new body style Cavalier/Sunfire
  • Specialty sealants for vehicles with airbags & aluminum bodies

Keywords: auto glass, Glass, Insurance, Specialized Power Tools, windshield,