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By: Shaggy Old English Sheepdog Thoughts  09-12-2011
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Here you can see Finnegan and me talking.  My people rescued Finnegan a few winters ago.  He is my little brother and my big friend.  He has many shaggy thoughts because his heart is so big.  Some of his Shaggy thoughts are "Lets all sleep in really late and cuddle."  "I like peanut butter on all my foods." "Don't ever abandon any dogs for any reason, it's very cruel, we have feelings and can get really scared for a long time." "Look, there is a stray cat under the hedge, please, please, please help him!"

Shaggy Services:  If you have a concern about your lack of understanding of a special animal in your life, please feel that you can contact me (go to Contact to find out how)  to discuss this special animal and your own lack of knowledge or experience.  I have helped many humans come to a better understanding of their animals.My fee for services is a donation to an animal rescue organization of your choice.  If you ask for help and don't donate, watch out!  That is bad luck for you!Here are some of the cases we have helped with:  Jeffery:  A man adopted Jeffery a few years ago.  And this man was very nervous and negative about himself and everything else in his life - his job, his house, people he met, people he did not know.  And Jeffery sat in the house all day and felt all that negativity.  One day Jeffery started to feel overloaded with negative energy and he started to pee on the floor.  The man got angry and wanted to get rid of Jeffery right away.  But I talked to him through the Shaggy ethers and he realized that Jeffery needed to go to the Shaggy Thoughts Vet and that he, Jeffery's person, needed to stop being so negative.  I checked in with them later and found that Jeffery had stopped peeing and the man was working on his negativity and taking responsibility for it himself instead of assigning blame to his family, his co-workers. And when he made that change in his energy, people around him felt happier and more peaceful.  So everyone won!

Keywords: Old English Sheepdog

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