XENA Motorcycle Security: disc-locks

By: Mgx Asia  09-12-2011

Double-Locking System
What we mean by "Double-Locking"
In a conventional disc-lock, the locking-pin is the weakest point. With XENA's double-locking system, body and locking pin act as one piece of metal, making it virtually impossible to remove the lock by wedging, hammering or other method.

..And what it means for thieves
Pictured at right: a XENA XN15 double-locking disc-lock after several minutes of brutal hammer and wedge attack from independent testers at Classe SRA France. Note that XENA's build quality and double-locking pin mean that despite the awesome force applied, the XENA remains  locked .

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Zone Alarms

The XA range features wall- and celing-mounted passive infrared motion detectors linked to powerful 135dB alarms, as well as magnetic entry alarms for doors and windows. Quick to install and simple to maintain, XENA Zone Alarms assemble easily and are up and running in minutes with basic tools. All combine quality components with rugged construction for security coverage in your garage, home, trailer or business.


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Grâce au système à double verrouillage de XENA, le corps et l’axe de verrouillage agissent comme une seule pièce métallique rendant quasi impossible le retrait de l’antivol par écrasement, frappe ou toute autre méthode d’attaque. Un bloque disque XENA XN15 à double verrouillage après plusieurs minutes de frappe et d’écrasement intensifs réalisés par des testeurs indépendants européens.


Bullett-Lock Alarms

Introducing the XENA Bullett The first high-end, ultra-secure range of locks with built-in alarm system, the Bullett line is the culmination of XENA's 10 years of experience at the cutting-edge of alarmed-locks. Each XENA Bullett lock-alarm is engineered from the highest-quality 304 stainless steel for optimum strength and durability. The key operates both functions and provides access for maintenance, upgrades or battery changes.


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.With a 120dB alarm built right in Auto-arming and maintenance free, all XENA disc-lock alarms have a siren triggered by shock and motion sensors. XENA disc-locks combine the highest-quality steel lock body and electronic components with a unique high-security key and barrel. All models protect your motorcycle, scooter, ATV or other disc-braked vehicle from theft. The alarm can also help remind you to remove your disc-lock before you ride.