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AssessMed has been performing independent and objective assessments since 1991. Our physicians are trained and experienced in evaluating medical impairments relative to work demands. The evaluations we perform are focused on the evaluee's return to work and/or their activities of daily living. AssessMed performs only assessments; we do not provide treatment or rehabilitation. While we do recommend treatment or rehabilitation when appropriate, we do not refer to any specific facility.

Assessment Type

  • Functional Medicine Evaluation
  • Insurers Examination/ IME
  • TMJ Assessment
  • ENT Assessment
  • Job Demands Analysis
  • Vocational (Including TSA)
  • Activities of Daily Living Assessment
  • Treatment Protocol Review
  • Neurological
  • Psychological
  • Neuropsychological
  • Psychiatric
  • Ophthalmological
  • Paper File Review

Functional Medicine Evaluation
A sophisticated and comprehensive evaluation which includes both an IME and a Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE). In a recent study for the United States Social Security Administration, the AssessAbility system, used by AssessMed for our FAEs, was found to be "..the most sophisticated method of assessing maximum effort that was uncovered during the review." Prepared as a Medical Legal Report, AssessMed's Functional Medicine Evaluations have been accepted as expert evidence in Courts and arbitration. Functional Medicine Evaluations are used to determine if there is a measurable impairment, the nature and cause of the impairment, if the impairment results in any disability, what the work capabilities and restrictions are and the type of treatment or accommodation to improve the impairment and/or disability. These assessments can be completed by a Physiatrist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Occupational Medicine Physician, Rheumatologist or Chiropractor.

Insurer's Examination/Independent Medical Examination
A comprehensive medical evaluation and full report detailing the evaluee's subjective complaints, and the physician's objective findings. Our physicians spend considerable time interviewing and examining the evaluee to determine if there is any measurable impairment. The report includes recommendations, to assist the evaluee with a return to normal function as soon as possible. These assessments can be completed by a Physiatrist, Orthopedic Surgeon, Occupational Medicine Physician, Rheumatologist, Chiropractor, Ophthalmologist, ENT/Otolaryngologist, Dentist/TMJ Specialist, Plastic Surgeon, Cardiologist, Internal Medicine Specialist, Respirologist, and/or other specialties as required.

Job Demands Analysis
This analysis is performed by an AssessMed Occupational Health Nurse. Arrangements are made with the individual's workplace to visually inspect and quantify the job that they were performing. This information provides a detailed report outlining the physical requirements that the individual is required to perform while at their job. The report may also assist our physicians with recommendations concerning a return to work. The Job Demands Analysis will address specific opportunities for a return to work schedule, when available. The report is based on observations made by the nurse and on the information provided in discussion with the individual's supervisor or manager.

Vocational Assessment
(Can include Transferable Skills Analysis and / or Labour Market Survey) A systematic process of identifying appropriate vocational choices, considering the individual's aptitude, abilities, and personality traits. Ideally, a vocational assessment is conducted after, or in association with, a thorough physical examination (such as a Functional Medicine Evaluation) which evaluates the individual in terms of the DOT/CCDO physical abilities classification system.

Neurological Assessment
A thorough assessment of the integrity of the nervous system and the impact of any neurological condition on the evaulee's ability to function. Our neurologist may use a variety of tools including a physical assessment of the nervous system and EMG nerve conduction testing. EEG's, brain scans, and MRIs may be recommended to provide objective confirmation of subjective complaints.

Psychological Assessment
Examines the impact of an accident on an evaluee's psychological functioning. An evaluation is made of the evaluees current emotional and cognitive functioning, with particular reference to the extent to which daily functioning has been interrupted.

Neuropsychological Assessment
Clinical Neuropsychology is an applied science concerned with the behavioural expression of brain dysfunction. A Neuropsychological assessment evaluates the impact of an injury or illness on an evaluee's neurological, cognitive and emotional functioning.

Psychiatric Assessment
A detailed and comprehensive evaluation, which will provide information on the psychiatric condition of an evaluee. Often used to determine whether or not an injury or illness was responsible for the onset of any determined psychiatric problems.

Activities of Daily Living Assessment
Performed by an AssessMed Occupational Health Nurse and carried out in the individual's home. The purpose of this is to review what the normal activities of the individual were prior to their injury, and what they are capable of doing at the present time. This assessment is useful in order to provide information to the physician, which will provide a clear understanding of the individual's past and present levels of functioning. The occupational health nurse may recommend the use of assistive devices, which could provide increased independence for the individual.

Paper File Review
A Paper File Review addresses a recommended treatment plan/assistive devices or the need for further assessment (OCF-18).

Appointments are generally available two to three weeks from the time of referral. Reports will be completed within three weeks after the appointment. Expedited reports are available for time sensitive files, at an additional charge.

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