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By: Zonelife  09-12-2011
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Geothermal Solutions

Zonelife has been a proud, authorized dealer of the GeoSmart Geothermal line of solutions since 2007. We are delighted with their product offerings, but more importantly with their top tier service and absolute focus on success for your project!

Premium Q

Experience dr amatic savings, reduced carbon foot print and comfortably warm feet th rough radiant floor warming in the bathroom, kitchen, or basement by selecting Zonelife and the Geothermal Groundbreaking Energy Team to install your new Premium Q.

Steve Hamoen, Zonelife President

Premium G

Michael Hamoen, Site Manager

Premium H

The Prem ium H® will meet all your needs for radiant floor heating, domestic hot water, pool and/or spa heating, melt ice and snow offering you years of worry-free comfort from the moment the system is installed. Most models are also able to provide chilled water for cooling.

“The Premium H® is all about configurability. With Hydronic features for heating and cooling, our customers benefit from flexible systems that adapt to lifestyle heating and cooling designs.”

Steve Hamoen, Zonelife President

PE 100 Green Pipe

  • Enviro nmental stress crack resistant
  • Chemical corrosion resistant
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Leak tight due to excellent fusibility
  • Optimum heat transfer

Keywords: Cooling, Floor Warming, Heating, heating and cooling

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Solutions | Zonelife

We determine the best options for your unique situation by designing a heat loss/ heat gain calculation which informs how much energy you need to heat and cool your home to a specific design parameter. We also design ductwork to maximize airflow throughout your home.


Live in Comfort | Zonelife

This is where the Zonelife Design team will work with you to modify, where possible, the existing ductwork in yoru home to provide a quiet, smooth operation of your new Geothermal system. This means to attain the same heating distribution as it’s fossil fuel counterpart, the Geothermal – Groundbreaking Energy system is required to move more air.


Products | Zonelife

Additional benefits for Zonelife clients: our systems can produce an excellent return on investment, ideal temperatures are maintained, you can track your energy usage and savings, and they are all extremely simple to use. We understand that each home or office is different with its own unique needs which must be considered to create the ideal temperatures and comfort.


Geothermal Premium Q | Zonelife

With selecting Zonelife and the Geothermal Groundbreaking Energy Team to install your new Premium Q, you will experience dramatic savings, your reduced carbon foot print, comfortably warm feet and home through radiant floor warming in places such as the bathroom, kitchen, or basement.


Save Money | Zonelife

The measurement of return on your investment for electric consumption to heat production is typically measured by a metric called COP or Coefficient of Performance. As the energy that comes from the ground is, what is commonly referred to as, low grade energy, it needs to be transformed into a usable heating or cooling. Geothermal uses the relatively constant temperature of the earth to heat and cool your home or business.