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By: Tri-spec  09-12-2011
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Project Specifications:

At Tri•SPEC Limited, we provide professional services aimed at producing coordinated and appropriate specification documents. Our goal is to work closely with you to prepare a set of documents that are both coordinated with the drawings and accurately reflect your design intent.

We start from a master specification that has been developed and tested over the past 18 years and is continually being maintained to reflect the latest industry standards and practices. Each project manual is then compiled and edited to reflect your project's requirements. We work closely with your project architect and design team to ascertain and verify these project-specific requirements. We understand that completing the contract documents in a timely manner is critical to your client's project schedule. We work within your project schedule to complete the project manual on time, and are very proud of our record to date, having never caused a delay in a project's release.We believe that you will benefit by retaining our professional services as part of your design team. We are prepared to meet with you at your convenience to discuss how we might work with you and provide you with specification consulting services for your future projects. If you are interested in learning more about the variety of services we provide, or wish to obtain a fee proposal for a specific project, please feel free to .Specific services that may be offered by Tri•SPEC Limited include:
  • Prelimiary Project Descriptions
  • Outline Specifications
  • Contract Document Coordination
  • Project Manual Preparation
  • Preparation of Addenda and Bid Revisions

Manufacturers' Literature & Design Tools:

At Tri•SPEC Limited, we prepare product data sheets and master guide specification Sections for manufacturers. Some of these have been part of award-winning product binders, both in the United States and in Canada.

Product data sheets are developed using industry-standard formats, and are intended to assist the design professional with understanding the technical aspects of a specific material or product. They will allow the design professional to accurately assess a product's capabilities, and to appropriately select materials that will meet their Project's specific needs.

Master Guide specification Sections are developed using North American standard formats, including the CSC/CSI MasterFormat™, SectionFormat™ and PageFormat™. Master guide specification Sections are prepared as useful specification writing tools for use by design professionals. They will assist with the preparation of project specifications, and assure the design professional that they are accurately describing the desired materials and work results.

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