Industrial Batteries & Battery Chargers, Cambridge, Ontario

By: The Battery Shop  09-12-2011
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  • On-site and in shop service of batteries, chargers and battery handling equipment.
  • Reseals and acid balancing
  • On site evaluations and repairs
  • Cable repairs, cell replacements
  • Damage repairs and spill cleanup
  • In shop capacity load testing

Acid balance
Acid balance may be required due to over watering, over charging or just age. In acid balancing the old acid is removed and a high specific gravity acid is added until the proper specific gravity is reached. This increases the performance of the battery to its particular maximum.

Full battery load test and evaluations
Load tests are the optimum way of determining the capacity of your battery. Load testing provides the information required to estimate the remaining life span of the battery as well as revealing repair options which can be compared to replacement costs. Cycling a battery through several charge and load test cycles may rejuvenate sulphated batteries Cell replacement
Often times one cell may short out in an otherwise good working battery, reducing usage to one hour or less. Replacing a shorted cell could return your battery to good working condition and may extend its life another year or more.

Evaluation and repairs to all makes and models. Our charger technicians can evaluate and often repair problems on site. For more in depth problems, equipment can be removed to our facility for further evaluation, and quotations for a repair vs. replacement comparison. Rental chargers are available.

Faulty control boards are a common problem which can cause damage to your batteries. Control boards should be checked and recalibrated where possible, at least once per year. Problems such as early shutdown and overcharging should be addressed promptly. Many older chargers can be upgraded, economically, with Digicon control boards. These solid state control boards feature voltage sensor operation with 3 back up timer fail safes and automatic equalization feature. Batteries require proper daily charges as well as equalization cycles to insure optimum efficiency and longevity.

Keywords: Acid Balancing, Battery, Chargers,