Axial Flow Fans and Service

By: Robinson Fans  09-12-2011
Keywords: Dynamic Balancing, Strain Gauge, Dye Penetrant

Single Direction and Reversing Flow Applications

Robinson’s laboratory facilities are designed for both air performance and sound testing. Qualified lab personnel use state-of-the-art instrumentation to ensure accurate test results.

Robinson utilizes the latest strain gauge technology to measure actual operating stresses of rotating fan wheels.

The emphasis on quality at Robinson is backed by expert workmanship and a thorough quality control program. Dye penetrant testing, magnetic particle inspection, sonic testing, vibration analysis and x-ray testing are all utilized to ensure that Robinson-built fans provide long, reliable service.

Robinson Fans engineers and custom builds high-quality air-moving equipment for industry. This expertise is supported by the latest computerized technology as well as by years of personal engineering evaluation and more than 110 years of fan-building experience. Each fan is precision engineered for its particular application to effectively and efficiently move air.

The Robinson reputation for unique and superbly designed air-moving equipment is well demonstrated by its experience in building special alloy axial flow fans for continuous operation at high temperatures. Thermal expansion is a major consideration in the design of fans for atmosphere furnaces.

Robinson axial flow units are designed for continuous operation at temperatures ranging from 70°F to 2,000°F, depending on the application and the materials used in construction of the fan.

Flexibility in design permits Robinson to offer both round and square plugs to accommodate a wide range of furnace requirements. Easy accessibility for preventive maintenance is an additional feature standard at Robinson.

Research Lab: High Temperature Axial Flow Fan Testing

In our laboratory facilities , R&D personnel have actually built furnace mockups to custom-test axial flow high-temperature fan prototypes. This testing is performed within certain furnace configurations with designs predicated on customer engineering and design data. Fan inlet conditions created by testing procedures simulate actual entry conditions on axial fans as they are installed in the furnace. Robinson also runs full-scale mechanical tests on units prior to shipment.

Utilizing years of experience in building high-temperature fan equipment, Robinson is also involved in satisfying customer requirements in the area of fan repair and rebuilding . The Robinson R/R program, greatly expanded by rebuilding facilities in Lakeland, Florida, and new large-capacity electronic dynamic balancing equipment, offers a highly favorable alternative to higher capital costs while retaining the same quality service and materials found in Robinson original equipment. Robinson repairs and rebuilds all types of industrial fans, regardless of original manufacturer.

Robinson maintains an expert team of field service representatives who are available for troubleshooting, balancing and/or on-site inspection of fans and other types of air-moving equipment. These personnel perform certain on-site repairs or, if necessary, determine whether or not the fan must be returned to a Robinson plant for repair or rebuilding .

Repair and Rebuilding — A Cost-Efficient Alternative

As an alternative to the higher costs of designing and building new axial flow equipment, the repair and/or rebuilding of existing fans is an option many Robinson customers are choosing today. Robinson also redesigns and upgrades existing fan equipment for increased capacity and efficiency.

The people at Robinson understand that downtime due to fan failure can mean lost revenue, so repair/rebuilding projects are expedited through the plant.

In response to the confidence shown in Robinson, as demonstrated by the number of customers sending fans to the plant for repair, Robinson has greatly expanded its R/R program. Expanded production facilities, one of the largest dynamic balancing machines in the country and an additional repair/rebuilding plant in Lakeland, Florida , have made Robinson perhaps the finest fan repair concern in the nation.

Fan repair and rebuilding is not a sideline at Robinson; it is an important part of our business. Robinson engineers and production personnel have years of experience utilizing the same type of expert craftsmanship and heavy-duty materials used in new fan construction.

Robinson is often able to recycle various original components from the old fan, such as the shaft or hub, to save the customer both valuable time and money. And, Robinson will also rebuild or repair any fan, whether it was built by Robinson or a competitive manufacturer

If your fan shows signs of wear, corrosion, abrasion or unbalance, call to arrange a visit by Robinson’s field service representatives. Catching the problem before it becomes critical and repairing fan equipment during a scheduled shutdown can save time and money.

Keywords: Dye Penetrant, Dynamic Balancing, Fan repair, Strain Gauge, X-ray Testing,

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