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By: Renutek  09-12-2011
Keywords: market intelligence, Engineering Management, Product Planning

Business Process Consulting

Harness the extensive Supply Chain solution development and implementation experience available from ReNuTek. Whether it's helping to support your current Customer Relationship/Process Engineering management team, or developing or implementing a complex, value added program, ReNuTek can assist in delivering results which will help you achieve your business objectives.

Expedited Sourcing

When service timelines or budget restrictions don’t allow for standard procurement cycles, let ReNuTek source products to your specifications. Take the complexity out of providing connectivity.

Revenue Sharing Resale Programs

ReNuTek offers customized revenue sharing programs with relationships based on openness, integrity and trust. Process checks and balances ensure both parties benefit from this arrangement, where the ultimate control lies with the product owner.

There is no need to perform costly pick, load and ship processes to initiate these services. ReNuTek conducts an inventory assessment to determine the most profitable process stream for each product. These streams may include upgrade, resale, recycling or disposal.

This assessment has been traditionally exercised only when Customer warehouse storage space is in short supply. ReNuTek provides the market intelligence to integrate this process into the day to day product planning (buy, hold, repair, resell, recycle, dispose) decisions to ensure you take advantage of high demand situations on the secondary market.

At ReNuTek we’re also aware that the resale of certain products can harm the in-service base or hard earned R&D proprietary technology. As always, the Customer has the ultimate control to approve or decline a sale before the product moves from its present location.

Lot Purchasing

From time to time product owners face situations where a quick liquidation of assets is a more desirable course of action. Although this asset management solution does not typically yield the highest $ return opportunity, ReNuTek can assist in recommending when this is the most appropriate option.

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Keywords: Demand Situations, Engineering Management, market intelligence, Product Planning,