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Spiral Bands can be used for edge sanding in or around holes on metal and wood. Typically used on spindle sanders, portable tools and drill presses. Made from Aluminum Oxide Cloth. Most commonly used with Rubber Expanding Drum Mandrels.

Designed exclusively for use with Spiral Bands. Balanced for maximum performance at high speed.

Ideal for blending, deburring, or finishing of holes. Non-standard sizes available upon request. All products shown are made from Aluminum Oxide Cloth. Other product types also available.

For Cartridge Rolls 3/4" length use 1/2" pilot length

For Cartridge Rolls 1" length use 3/4" pilot length

For Cartridge Rolls 1-1/2" length use 1" pilot length

For Cartridge Rolls 2" length use 1-1/2" pilot length

Sanding Stars are excellent for sanding, scuffing and blending wood or metal. Ideal to replace hand sanding on contoured or molded surfaces.

Designed for deburring, polishing or finishing of internal areas. Most grains, grits and sizes available.

Used for deburring or polishing of tubing and cylinders. More aggressive than Eyelet Stars.

Used to remove residue build up on sanding belts. Excellent for soft woods or metals that decrease belt life. Not for use on wide belt sanders.

The slotted design of this Resin Fibre Back Up Pad is designed to increase cool air flow between the disc and holder reducing high heat build up, prolonging disc life.

Back Up Pads used for Random Orbital PSA backed abrasives.

Back Up Pads used for Random Orbital Velcro backed abrasives.

Thin Rubber backup pads used for typical Resin Fibre disc applications. For increased product and pad life consider the Spiral Cool type.

Surface Conditioning Back Up Pads

Long hook design for increased gripping action for Surface Conditioning discs.

Locking Disc Back Up Pads

Turn on Locking Disc holders designed for both "R" and "S" type discs.

Vonnegut Slashed Assemblies

Four strips of Silicon Carbide Cloth material stagger slashed at 1/4" intervals and cut into 10 or 16" lengths for brush backed polishing heads. Other slash types  and materials available on request.

Various Mandrels for a wide variety of products including thin cutting wheels, unitized and discs.

Graphite rolls are used to reduce heat and friction on the underside of sanding belts. Works extremely well on Stroke and Edge Sanding applications.discs.

Brown Aluminum Oxide Vitrified Mounted Points used for grinding and finishing of metal burrs and edges. Other shapes and colors available upon request.

Rubbing Bricks used for removing concrete flashing on joints. Plastic handle for comfort and safety.

Bench & Pedestal Grinding Wheels

Straight vitrified wheels used for off hand tool sharpening and grinding. General Purpose grinding.

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