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By: Medshare  09-12-2011
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Stay Connected at the Point of Care.

MedShare for BlackBerry replaces inefficient paper based processes by providing instant access to electronic medical records and up-to-the-minute scheduling at the point of care. MedShare for BlackBerry is an integrated mobile solution that provides home care workers with the information and means to easily capture visit information. Unlike paper-based and telephony solutions, MedShare for BlackBerry provides “Always On” 2-way communication with the agency. Features include scheduling, visit confirmation, key client and clinical Electronic Medical Record (EMR) information, progress note capture, as well as the latest in GPS capabilities including mapping & directions to appointments.

Key Features


  • Access to daily, weekly, and monthly schedules.
  • Schedule changes communicated immediately.
  • Fill cancelled appointments on the fly.
  • Supports both central and self-scheduling models.


  • A variety of alerts ensure key events are brought to the home care worker’s attention.
  • Home care workers can choose which alerts they wish to receive.

Clinical Information

  • Access client demographic and clinical EMR information from the point of care.
  • Highlight risks to the worker including environmental or behavioral risks.
  • Access and report on client care plans.
  • Enter and share progress notes between workers to ensure continuity of care.

Visit Confirmation

  • Check in and confirm visits without having to use the client’s phone.
  • Capture worker’s location at check in and confirmation time.
  • Eliminates the need for paper time sheets and manual entry.

Submit Expenses

  • Workers can submit travel and supply expenses from the point of care.
  • Eliminates the need for expense sheets and manual entry.

GPS Mapping

  • Real time routing of health care workers between visits and driving directions.

What do I need to implement MedShare for Blackberry?

Back office:

  • MedShare HC v2.0 or later
  • Most other agency back office systems if MedShare Bridge is installed
  • BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.1 or later

Blackberry Device:

  • Nursing and Therapy - BlackBerry 8800 or newer if Location Based Services required
  • Personal Support Worker- Blackberry 72XX or newer
  • Designed for BlackBerry Applications v4.2.

Telecom Carrier:

  • Nursing and Therapy - Wireless data requirements substantially lower than browser based wireless applications due to the efficiency of BlackBerry. Data requirements will vary by organization but typical usage should require a 5MB - 10MB monthly data plan
  • Personal Support Worker- Wireless data requirements substantially lower than browser based wireless applications due to the efficiency of BlackBerry. Data requirements will vary by organization but typical usage should require a 1MB - 2MB monthly data plan
  • Telephony plan if utilizing MedShare for BlackBerry’s autodial features

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