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Empowering the Heroes of Home Care

MedShare eMotion™ empowers nurses and therapists with clinical information and charting tools at the point of care. MedShare eMotion allows patient charting to be completed with a tablet computer using a familiar pen-interface, or using a standard laptop computer. Nurses and therapists are able to securely access and add information to the client’s electronic medical record (EMR) without the need for a wireless data connection. Patient charts are automatically updated in the central EMR database.MedShare eMotion works with existing agency administration systems using MedShare Bridge to mobilize your existing billing and scheduling software, eliminating time sheets and inefficient paper processes. Electronic charting improves the productivity and quality of work life for your registered medical professionals while improving the quality of care.

MedShare eMotion fundamentally transforms the way your staff access information, organize work, make medical decisions and document client care. MedShare eMotion removes the complexity of home care agency management from the functions the remote home care workers need to perform in the field.

Key Features

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No more searching for updates, downloading and re-installing patches or upgrades -- all new releases, updates and enhancements to the software are quickly deployed and automatically installed each time you launch MedShare eMotion.

MedShare eMotion's uses the latest design and technology's available in Window application interface design and is modeled after many of the leading Windows-based applications you use on a day-to-day basis.

MedShare eMotion has been created from the ground up for the home health care industry, by home health care professionals. Familiar language and terminology make MedShare eMotion that much easier to use.

When it comes time to create, edit or find relevant data quickly, you'll be delighted that MedShare eMotion speaks your language.


Via Role-based functionality allows different user groups within MedShare eMotion, clerical staff, office/clinical supervisors, executives and Health Care workers, gain access to their own data.

This concept also creates a more secure system, granting access only to those users with permissions to sensitive information, as well as eliminating irrelevant data and functionality where not needed.

Storing all aspects of a client's medical health information in one easy to access and logical location is the premise behind providing an electronic document store in eMotion. Every client who is added to the system by the health care agency is provided with a flexible file and folder repository where all of their structured and unstructured documents, images, xrays, Smart Forms, Care Plans are stored. Files and folders are governed by permission rules allowing access by only specified users. Future releases will include folder sharing, user defined permission settings and document workflow capabilities.

eMotion provides a flexible platform for converting paper based forms, charts and care plans into electronic data capture forms, that can be created and stored in the system as needed.

Smart Forms allow for the conversion of any simple paper forms to an electronic data capture form, meaning that any forms you currently use now on paper, can be templated, filled in and stored in the MedShare system. The Smart Forms are developed and deployed via role based rules across the eMotion user base. Once completed, a Smart Form is saved as a version of the template into a Client's EMR folder, to be referenced or modified at any time in the future. The Smart forms are also completely audited so any modifications are tracked over time. eMotion ships with a series of "off-the-shelf" forms that can be used to streamline old paper based processes immediately.*

The eMotion Care Plan Studio enables administrators to create layout templates for care plans specific to customer needs, that define the contents and parameters of a Care Plan. Additionally the tool allows the definition of unlimited care plan elements, such as issue definitions, intervention methods and expected goals or outcomes, coupled with Form Templates that bring together a selection of elements to form a treatment plan for any service or treatment types.

Care Plans and Smart Forms provide a fully electronic framework for home health care agencies to eliminate much of their present day paper work. Electronically manages versioning and audit information, simplifies the completion of large numbers of paper forms, stores and audits massive amounts of collected data, reuses and collects consistant data, and streamlines current paper-based workflows.

MedShare eMotion automatically manages the synchronization of data between the eMotion application and the MedShare back-end databases. If eMotion is used in a disconnected state, or many changes to data and files on a remote workers laptop are made, the system will synch up these changes either when a network connections is re-established, when the application is started, or at regular intervals as defined by the system administrator.

There is no more worrying weather remote staff members and health care workers are viewing the latest information and files.


MedShare eMotion is built on Microsoft’s Smart Client technology which allows users to access real-time data while working in remote locations. A Smart Client gives users the ability to have robust, traditional client software applications installed on their local computer and the flexibility and speed of accessing information online. Applications created using Smart Client technology can easily interact and integrate with other Windows software. This adds to the versatility of MedShare eMotion.

Key benefits of the Smart Client technology include:

  • Utilize the MedShare eMotion Suite anywhere, anytime. No need for continuous access to the network
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce training requirements
  • Expand access
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Create better user experiences

A Windows-based application, such as MedShare eMotion, offers many advantages over Web-based applications. A Windows-based application is installed on a local computer. This means that the software is able to use the local processing power that the computer offers. A Web-based application will only use a very small percentage of that power.

Having the application locally installed allows users to work in a stable environment offline. A Web-based program will become unavailable once the computer is disconnected from the network.

MedShare eMotion was designed with the freedom of working offline in mind. If for any reason the client application loses connectivity with the server, the application has a local database containing all the data necessary for the user to work in a disconnected mode. The software automatically and securely downloads the data needed from the central server onto the local computer. Once connectivity is re-established, the data in both databases will be synchronized automatically. This is accomplished through the use of the 2005 SQL Everywhere technology supporting the local database, which works in conjunction with the central database that uses the 2005 SQL Server technology. 

This technology gives you the peace of mind when using MedShare eMotion, because any disconnections will not disrupt your user experience. You can also be sure that your databases are up to date with the most current information and that any data transfered by the system compressed and secure.

The eMotion interface responds intuitively to stylus input, and allows hand written completion of eCharting, Care Plans, progress notes, and much more.

The tablets themselves are easily disinfected, durable, highly portable and can also be outfit with other features such as the built in camera, handy in a home setting for capturing a wound care image and saving to the EMR folder for later referral.


In the home health care industry, protecting personal health information of clients is extremely important. According to the Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA) all health information custodians are required to ensure that health records are retained, transferred and disposed of in a secure manner.

The MedShare eMotion suite is built to meet and exceed these government regulations to protect the privacy of the clients. Individuals using this software are all assigned User IDs and Passwords, which will identify them in specific roles. Based on their role, each user is only given access to the information they need to perform their service.

In addition, MedShare eMotion maintains an audit trail that records the date, time, and user name when changes are made to any record in the system. This audit trail allows your agency to identify who is responsible for specific changes to a client’s files.

Most electronic security breaches occur during the transfer process. Extra precautions have been taken by MedShare when designing MedShare eMotion to ensure that personal health information is secure during transfer between the agency and the remote health care workers PC's.

Information transferred from the MedShare eMotion suite is equipped with double layered security. The first layer of security is accomplished using a bit SSL secure pathway. In addition to that, the package of information is compressed to reduce the transfer size thereby provide an extra level of security. In short, your agency’s data is transferred in a secured package through a secure network connection.

HL7, also known as Health Level Seven, is an ANSI approved Standards Development Organization (SDO) focused on the health care industry. The purpose of HL7 is to develop specifications that are standardized in the industry to allow health care applications to exchange important set of clinical and administrative data. HL7 supports functions such as security checks, participant identification, availability checks, exchange mechanism negotiations and data exchange structuring.

HL7 Mission Statement
HL7 is an international community of healthcare subject matter experts and information scientists collaborating to create standards for the exchange, management and integration of electronic healthcare information. HL7 promotes the use of such standards within and among healthcare organizations to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery for the benefit of all.”

MedShare is prepared for the future of the health care industry. Not only are we leaders in implementing the HL7 standards in our products, our top management participate in meetings where HL7 members contribute to the development and advancement of the clinical and administrative standards for health care.

Other standards development efforts do exist, but HL7 is a singular focus that covers the requirements for the entire health care industry. Most other efforts only focus on requirements for certain sectors.

* - Limited "off-the-shelf" forms are currently available and may not meet the requirements of all agencies. Contact MedShare for more details about Smart Form capabilities.

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