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By: Medshare  09-12-2011
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Home Health Care Agency's often struggle with inefficient paper based processes in many areas of their enterprise workflow. Scheduling, 'time and attendance' submission, and information access always appear at the top of the list when Agency's are asked to describe pain-points in their day-to-day business practices.

The Need

Mobile Home Care nursing staff face daily challenges with communication, scheduling changes, complex form and assessment completion, redundant data input and sheer volume of work. This care demographic spends much, if not all, of their time on the road, and in unpredictable home environments, faced with an ever-evolving daily schedule. Isolated from co-workers, these critical employees are burdened heavily with managing appointment changes, client requests and agency demands. Compound these strains with the pressure to complete a large amount of accurate paperwork such as health assessments, medication records and wound care documentation, and nurses can begin to feel overwhelmed. Often they must rely on completing their documentation after hours and on their own time, which leads to poor job satisfaction, high turnover in agencies, not to mention the redundant effort to transpose the data that was captured at the point-of-care.

Nurses need tools to easily and instantly review and manage their daily workload, quickly and accurately capture treatment data, progress notes and all other aspects of clinical charting information, without the burden of jotting notes and re-inputting "when they have time". They need smart electronic documentation that "pre-populates" known Client information and will save data input time and reduce the likely hood of input error. They need complete client information records and documentation at their fingertips so they are equipped to make decisions and offer better care service.  They need tools to track and communicate issues with colleagues and specialists, such as wound assessment and medication dispensing, to improve quality and speed of care delivery.

Solving these, and many other inefficiencies in the current delivery model of home care will give nursing staff back their personal time to spend as they wish, producing a happier and satisfied workforce. A happier workforce means less turnover and increased productivity among staff. Providing an efficient quality product to clients will also increase the number of visits that can be performed. This all means an increase to the home care agencies overall bottom line.

The Solution

For mobile home care nurses who live a mobile work day, the ideal solution must include schedule management,  smart electronic forms and chart completion, improved communication with colleagues and specialist, access to a complete client health information record, must be quick and easy to use, and must always be accessible.

offers solutions to all these deficiencies, as well as

with existing Agency back office management systems, and offers it all on world class mobile business devices.  Couple the power of a

tablet based EMR and charting solution, with the mobility and flexibility of the

product, and you will see these purpose-built tools will fulfill your mobile staff's fundamental needs, and become the key enabler for an efficient, accurate and happy work force.

Integrate with your Existing Agency system

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