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By: Ionic Engineering  09-12-2011

Ionic Engineering's modular backfill plant is your solution for creating hydraulic, paste and cemented backfill. Our basic plant design has a capacity of 50 to 200 tons of backfill per day, and is customized for efficient storage and handling of tailings, sand, cement, water and additives.

Reduced Construction Costs

One of the major advantages of buying a modular backfill plant is reducing on-site construction costs. Because backfill plants are often needed in remote locations, finding sufficient skilled construction labour can be challenging and expensive. Our modular plants are assembled and tested in our shop prior to shipment, minimizing fieldwork.


Our backfill plant can be relocated from one location to another, providing companies with versatility as their backfill needs change.

Built for Your Climate

Our backfill plants are robust, engineered to work in a wide range of harsh environments.

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