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By: In House Solutions  09-12-2011
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Moldplus? for Mastercam? radically reduces your mould or tool design cycle. This multi-function program automates repetitive or complex design tasks. Jobs that once took long tedious hours can now be done in minutes!

Fast, efficient and automatic mould/tool design with the following functions:

  • Core and Cavity Separation with SolidSEP
  • Draft Angle Analysis with Separation
  • Parting/Run-off Surfaces
  • Complex corner parting surfaces
  • Parting Curves
  • Part Edge Contours for easy contouring of electrodes
  • Automatic creation of square, round and free form electrodes
  • Automatic calculation of required raw stock
  • Identification of non-coincident surfaces
  • Automatic Drafting Layout (ISO/ANSI/JIS)
  • Automatic Moldlocks
  • Cross Sections & Complex Trimming
  • and more ..


How many boring and tedious hours have you spent separating the core and cavity of complex surface models that were originally designed in a solids modeller? This excruciating task that once took hours can now be done automatically in less then a minute. SolidSEP literally pays for itself the first time you use it! SolidSEP functions perfectly on models that originate from AutoCAD®, SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, Pro/ENGINEER®, UNIGRAPHICS®, etc.

Draft Angle Analysis

Eliminate prototypes and tedious verification with Draft Angle Analysis. Automatically verify if your part can be machined and pulled correctly without generating a toolpath. Easily identify and isolate areas with more or less then your minimum draft angle. Even identifies and isolates undercut. Surfaces can also be automatically trimmed for easy knock-out construction.

Parting Surfaces - Manual and Automatic Methods

Edge Curves/Coincidence Verification

Automatically create curve edges only on the outside of the part or on selected surfaces. The part outside edge can also be projected onto a plane for use in contour machining the exterior edges of electrodes. This powerful function can also be used to verify if all surfaces are coincident.

Parting Curves

Create parting curves at any angle. Once the parting curve is created use the parting surface function to quickly finish your mould design. This function can also be used for quick definition of steep or shallow machining zones.

Stock Electrodes

Create square, rectangular, round or free form electrodes quickly and automatically. The electrode can be isolated, trimmed and rotated ready for machining. A great time saver!

Drill Centres

Drill Centres automatically creates drill hole centres on surface geometry originating from a solids modeller that lack arc information defining the drill hole centre or edge.

Moldplus now offers Automatic Electrode Creation, Insertion and Management features to an already robust mould and tool design package. Electrode Maker radically reduces the time to create the increasing number of EDM electrodes required in the fabrication of complex moulds. The tedious and boring task of creating and placing electrodes manually are typically the major time constraint in the design and fabrication of moulds or complex tools. To eliminate this perennial bottleneck we have produced the following time and money saving functionality:

  • Wizard interface that facilitates easy use of the software
  • Detailed Job Setup interfaces that allow the setting of various parameters for the electrode job
  • Automatic selection of the standard electrodes relative to the selected geometry in order of minimal stock needed
  • Automatic placement in absolute coordinates of the standard electrode relative to the geometry defining the electrode
  • Angular insertion of electrodes to minimize rough stock use
  • Rounds off electrode placement to user-defined values in millimetres or inches when possible for easy machine programming
  • Automatic security plane recognition during the auto-insertion to eliminate collisions between the electrode holder and the part
  • Associate up to 4 toolpath operations for each electrode job
  • Generate HTML Shop Floor documentation reports on all electrodes created with images and information relevant to burn location, electrode dimensions etc.
  • Automatic tangential surface extension of electrodes/skirt creation to clear part geometry to facilitate in burning proper electrode

Moldplus functions exclusively with Mastercam® Design, Mill, Lathe and Wire.

Keywords: Machining

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