In-House Solutions - Mastercam Solids X4

By: In House Solutions  09-12-2011
Keywords: Machining, Mill, Wireframe

Solid modelling is transforming the way parts are designed. Now you can bring that power right into your shop.

  • Faster modelling of parts, moulds, and fixtures using integrated solids, surfaces and wireframe

  • Greater flexibility in accepting outside models

  • Solids machining with access to Mastercam's powerful CAM functions

  • The addition of Solids turns Mastercam into a true hybrid modeller

Based on the industry-leading Parasolids® kernel, Mastercam Solids delivers powerful solid modelling with an eye for production. And best of all, Mastercam Solids is backed by a worldwide network of CAD/CAM professionals who know the needs of NC programmers.

  • Mastercam Solids gives you powerful, streamlined solid modelling for practical design

  • Fast solids construction using familiar modelling techniques

  • Powerful revolve, extrude, loft and sweep commands

  • Easy shelling and thin-wall creation

  • Boolean addition, subtraction and common volume calculation between solids and surfaces

  • Fast, efficient filleting and chamfering

  • Draft solid faces

  • Create sheet solids that can be thickened, shelled, and more

  • Trim solids to a single surface or to multiple surfaces using sheet solids for maximum design potential

  • Freedom to model without part constraints

  • Hybrid modelling interaction between solids, surfaces and wireframe

Flexibility is crucial to efficient part design and programming. Mastercam Solids lets you mix and match modelling techniques. Need to add surface or wireframe elements to a solid? Want to quickly add solid components to a complex surface model? Now it's easy. Mastercam Solids gives you the speed of solids, the power of surfaces, and the simplicity of wireframe. You choose the right tool for the right job.

  • Sew multiple surfaces into a single solid

  • Mastercam's Solid Feature Recognition identifies features such as fillets and holes on imported solids and adds those features to the history tree

  • Delete and add solid faces for easy solid modification

Mastercam Solids is a fully integrated add-on to Mastercam CAD/CAM products. When combined with Mastercam Mill, Mastercam Solids gives you the ideal way to machine your solid models. Import, create, and program your solids in the same easy-to-use interface, with full access to all Mastercam's powerful programming tools.

Mastercam Solids combined with..


Level 1



Create import and export solids, surfaces & wireframe X X X X
Single interface for design and NC programming   X X X
Fully associative 2D machining directly from solid   X X X
Fully associative machining of single solid faces & single surfaces     X X
Full associative machining of unlimited complex solids & surfaces together as a single model       X

Keywords: Machining, Mill, Wireframe

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