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By: In House Solutions  09-12-2011
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  • Fast creation of a wide range of NURBS and parametric surfaces, including powerful "fence" and "net" surfaces

  • Associative dimensions update as you change your model

  • Extensive editing tools

  • Built-in data translators for IGES, Parasolid®, SAT (ACIS solids), AutoCAD® (DXFTM, DWG, and InventorTM files), SolidWorks®, Solid Edge®, CADL, STL, VDA, and ASCII. Direct translators for STEP, Catia®, and Pro-E® are also available

  • Special no-charge Mastercam Direct add-ons put Mastercam in your SolidWorks, Solid Edge, or AutoCAD Inventor toolbars.

Mastercam's Operations Manager stores all your job's components in one place. Quickly create, edit and verify your toolpaths, or copy and paste parameters, toolpaths and tool definitions from one operation to another. You can even modify your solids from the Operations Manager.

Mastercam X4 delivers a new way to make sure that your parts are done right the first time ? Machine and Control Definition. Define features and characteristics for all the machines in your shop to simplify programming and streamline machine changes.

  • Fully associative geometry and toolpaths let you modify the geometry or machining parameters and immediately get an accurate, updated toolpath
  • Store a library of commonly used operations to automate machining. For example, you can spot drill, peck drill, and tap a series of holes simply by importing one stored operation

2D machining ranges from the very simple to the very complex. Mastercam delivers all the tools you need to maximize your time.

  • Pocketing styles include high speed, zigzag, one way, true spiral, constant overlap spiral and "morph" pocketing, each with optional finish passes

  • Contour and Pocket remachining use a smaller tool to automatically clean out material left from a previous cut

  • Choose multiple machining areas with a single selection

  • Dynamically drag a pocket finish pass or contour start point to anywhere on your model

  • Facing cleans stock from the tops of islands or the entire part

  • Easily machine 2D and 3D contours including parametric and NURBS splines

  • Automatically identify and pre-drill multiple operations at their plunge points

  • With the addition of the Solids option, Mastercam automatically recognizes and programs drill holes on solid models, complete with pre-drill operations

Fast efficient bulk material removal is essential to efficient NC programming. Mastercam gives you a variety of techniques to rough all your parts.

  • Rough cut multiple surfaces, solid models, or a combination of both

  • Rough cut with constant Z contours or pockets

  • Constant Z rough rest milling (remachining) identifies and machines areas that need to be machined with a smaller tool

  • Automatic facing and critical depth recognition ensure flat surfaces that lie between Z-cuts won't be left with too much stock during rough machining

  • Automatically align all your roughing plunge points, making it easier to pre-drill those spots for production machining

Mastercam's suite of finishing tools lets you choose the best method for a specific project.

  • Finish machine multiple surfaces, solid models, or a combination of both

  • New unlimited Pencil Finishing machines the part in logical segments

  • Parallel finishing delivers robust toolpaths for a wide variety of projects

  • 3D project machining creates a consistent, smooth finish while following the natural curves of multiple surfaces or solids

  • Constant scallop machining maintains a consistent finish on sloped and flat surfaces alike by using a consistent 3D stepover

  • Flowline machining cuts single or multiple surfaces using their natural shape to define the cutter path, delivering a smoother finish

Leftover material causes extra handwork and time. Mastercam automates leftover material identification and removal, leaving you with a finer finish.

  • Hybrid leftover machining changes the cut method as the slope of the model changes - in a single toolpath

  • Constant Z Rest milling (remachining) identifies and machines areas that need to be cut with a smaller tool, including automatically detected critical depths

  • New enhanced pencil tracing walks a tool along the intersection of surfaces to clean out hard-to-reach areas

  • Steep/Shallow machining cuts only those regions of selected surfaces that have slopes between two specified angles

High Speed Machining is a powerful machining method that combines high feed rates with high spindle speeds, specific tools, and specific tool motion. It can deliver faster turnaround and a superior finish. Mastercam includes a suite of high speed functions designed to help you make the most of this powerful technique.

  • Smooth tool motion on and off the part

  • Contour parts with smooth, consistent ramping motion

  • Ensure more consistent material removal with variable Z-level cuts

  • High-speed facing

  • Smooth, automated circle milling

  • Loop onto and off of Z-level cuts

  • Full 'trochoidal' cutting prevents tool burial

  • Specialized high-speed pocketing

  • Channelling ensures smooth material removal in areas of heavier stock

Multi-Axis machining adds an extra level of flexibility to your machining operations. Mastercam's suite of multi-axis tools lets you program quickly and efficiently.

  • Multi-Surface 5-Axis roughing and finishing

  • 5-axis Multi-Surface flowline machinin

  • Machine using 5-Axis depth cuts

  • Create 5-Axis contour toolpaths around the surface edges of the model for applications such as trimming vacuum-formed parts

  • Perform 5-Axis drilling

Watch your part being cut from a solid block of material with Mastercam's solid model toolpath verification. The tool and the holder are checked and displayed during simulation

Running an entire job at a single feed rate reduces efficiency. Running the same job at varying feed rates can save time, tool wear and money. Mastercam can optimize any 2-Axis or 3-Axis toolpath based on volume of material being removed and machine tool limitations to give you efficient, varied feedrates tailored to each job.

 Mastercam X4 Mill Level 1 Level 2 Level 3


Complete customizability


Create and dimension live wireframe geomety


Read / write IGES, DXF, SAT, Parasolid, EPS and more


Read native Autocad, SolidWorks, Solid Edge & more

  X X

Read native Catia and Pro/E files

optional optional optional

Live surface modeling


Solid modeling

optional optional optional


Full associative toolpaths


Automated feed rate optimization


Contouring, pocketing, and drilling


Automatic solid drilling when combined with Solids


3D contour cutting, trimming, and remachining


On-screen toolpath verification


Safety zones for all toolpaths


Machine and control defninition


Single and limited multi-surface roughing

  X X

Single and limited multi-surface finishing

  X X

Full multi-surface and solid roughing


Full multi-surface and solid finishing


Full multi-surface and solid "cleanup" machining


Full multi-surface and solid high-speed machining

5-axis drilling and curve machining optional optional optional
Full 4 and-5-axis machining     optional

Keywords: Machining

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