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By: Gv Direct  09-12-2011
Keywords: binding

The perfect system for strong and professional hot-melt glue- binding of a large variety of substrates including digitally printed sheets!   A unique slitting and fanning device allows a high levelled contact of glue to all sheets being bound.   Professional multi-layer glue assembly including reverse rotating smoothening roller. Up to 320 books can be produced per hour.   Through a central operator panel the system in controlled and operated.

By “Start + Go” the binding process runs fully automatic. No special skilled operator is necessary.  A smoke exhauster is integrated and can be connected with flexible hose to any outlet.   The unique spine preparation with slitting and sheet-fanning allows the glue to have close contact with the sheets being bound. The system does not create any paper waste or substantial dust. Therefore an extra dust exhauster is not necessary!  The binding method can be selected for padding or cover binding. The sheets being bound are held tight in the clamp of the binding carrier by a pneumatic drive system. The clamp moves across the slitting / fanning device (on/off selectable) and the glue-assembly into the cover clamp section.  A pneumatic driven cover attachment and side-press finishes the book. The cover attachment can be set-up in relation to the thickness of the spine and cover substrate. The pneumatic system runs absolutely silent.

Product #: 5681

Keywords: binding