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By: Galt Display Rack  09-12-2011
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When purchasing a display system for your store, decide how much space you will devote to the display and the most visual spot in your store without overhead obstructions, such as heat or air ducts, and sprinklers.Consider you may want to add to your display in the future. Check with your rug supplier for exact rug sizes to guarantee a display that will hold and exhibit your product attractively. We at Galt Display Rack Company, will ensure our system will safely hold the weight of your product line, while allowing you to display and show your rugs to your customers with ease.What makes our products better ..Quality Steel
All display components are manufactured with high strength structural tubing for a stronger, more durable rack system. Durable Finish
We use a powder coat baked polyester process on all major components, which creates a tough, durable finish that will last.Custom CAD Layouts
We use the latest computer design software to provide our customers with scaled drawings of our displays; we can work with you or your planning department by providing accurate layouts.Rug Clips
We have designed a clip that will hold the heaviest rugs available. The RG-11 Rug Gallery Clip is stamped from 16 gauge steel and formed into a two-piece clip. We then insert a hardened steel pin to secure this design from ever separating or falling apart.Accuracy
Our systems are easy to install. We do all the calculations and provide you with a display customized to your store. We guarantee it!Superior Service
We look after your requirements! We can arrange the logistics of delivering your system to your door.

Keywords: Display Rack, Rug, Rug Clips