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Self Help Publishers Independent Book Publishing Services

The Self Help Publishers Bookselling services are launched with an aim to effectively encourage and endorse your book. With the help of our services, we have opened great opportunities and wide ran

Book Buyers Preview

Book Marketing Kit

Book Signing Kit


Booksellers Return Program

Booksellers Return Program Renewal

Business Cards


Volume Book Sales

The design helps in adding the classic touch to your book. Its high attractive designs and colorful patterns with skilled artworks fill the pages of your book giving it a high end o

Book Interior Page Layout

Cover Design

Custom Cover Illustration

Interior Black & White Illustration

Interior Color Illustration

Stock Images

The editorial section looks for any errors in the books whether it be in the typing, spelling mistakes or the punctuation. This gives an edge over the market value of the book. This

Basic Editorial Service

Enhanced Editorial


Manuscript Review/Assessment

The fast release ensures that the publication of the book is done as fast as possible by the service providers. If they fail to fulfill the needs of the authors at the right time, t

30-Day Black & White Paperback Fast Release

45-Day Black & White Hardcover Fast Release

60-Day Color Paperback Fast Release

There are various options associated with the format patterns when you go for a good quality work from the service providers. The high advanced technology, POD is used by our servic

Electronic Formats

Print Formats

The marketing is a must to get the books acknowledged. The authors who prefer to get their books marketed get a good wide response from the people. The services of Self-Help Publish

Advertising Services

Book Video Trailer

Core Publicity

Internet Marketing

IPPY Awards Entry

Marketing Bundles

Online Video Services

Publishers Weekly Marketing Program

Radio Tv Interview Report

The production services enable the books to be published in an organized way. The manuscripts can be of any formats. It can either be handwritten or they can be an electronic document ha

Post-Publishing Services

Pre-Publishing Services

Before you are ready to make your work available for the public, you need to be sure that your work is still protected. There are two ways out. One includes getting a copyright from the U.S copyrig

Library of Congress Control Number

US Copyright Registration

Feature Story + Interview

Kirkus Discoveries L-1

Kirkus Discoveries L-2

Kirkus Discoveries L-3

Kirkus Discoveries T3

Library Market Essentials

Library Market Gateway

New York Times Media Marketing

Newsmaker Publicity Campaign

Online Newsmaker Publicity Campaign

Press Release - Video Edition

Video Newsmaker Publicity Campaign

Keywords: Cover Design, Marketing, self help