Executive Woven Lanyards

By: Dynamic Gift  09-12-2011
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Executive woven is the premium option for companies that want their brand to last forever.

Because your logo is woven directly into the material of the lanyard the decoration on the lanyard will never rub or fade when washed or subjected to heavy use.

Many people mistake exec weave with stitched on logo's, however the logo or message is woven directly into the material at the time of production meaning better durability.

Hospitals and nursing organisations often choose executive woven lanyards because the lanyards can be washed without any print wear and tear occurring.

  • Extremely strong and durable lanyard
  • No print fade or wear and tear
  • Primary option for hospitals and medical facilities
  • Perceived by the recipient as far superior to a printed lanyard
  • Some logo restrictions apply

Jacquard weaving makes possible the programmed raising of each warp thread independently from the others. This brings more visibility to these threads which are usually warped to form a logo type or font design onto a lanyard.

The weaving process suddenly becomes very versatile and offers the highest level of control in design, This system has become very important weaving technology which has lead to  the automatic production of unlimited varieties of pattern weaving.

Fact: The jacquard process is named after its creator- Joseph Marie Jacquard who was born in 1752 and passed away in 1834.

Weaving is highly durable and also acts to strengthen the material making it ideal for heavy objects and safety purposes. Apply a safety clip for added safety because of the strength of this material and the load limited, it will not break if the wearer is caught or strangled by the lanyard. So Safety break clips are always recommended.

Keywords: Logo

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