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Robust Frame

The construction of any

printing machine will dictate

how precisely and repeatable

it prints. The LP series

press utilizes a 40 mm thick

base frame weldment and 40 mm thick ground steel main plates.Once assembled, an unprecedented stiffness is achieved.

Primographic Print Head

With a fixed position large

diameter anilox and impression r oll, our triangular based

print head offers a tremendous

advantage over other systems.

In-line style flexographic print

heads can not offer the

same plate cylinder positional

accuracy that our machines


Masterchange Inking System

The Masterchange system is a

total change of the inking

system including the anilox roll

and ink. The ink cartridge is

designed to be changed with

ink in the fountain. With this

system, colours can be

changed in less than two

minutes while the machine is

running production.

Web Transport Control

The key to good register control

is directly related to the accuracy

of the web transport. LP series

press uses servo driven draw

rolls and chill rolls to precisely

move the web through the press.

The print outfeed and the die

infeed have separate draw rolls

which isolate any web harmonics

created by the die cutting.

Advanced Servo Control

In addition to standard servo

control of the plate, anilox, and c hill rolls, we also use Bosch Rexroth Indramat® servos to dynamically control the i mpression, and to automate the load/unload of the plate cylinder.

Integrated Die Cutting

The LP series die cutting

system is a massive structure

designed to withstand the

rigorous nature of folding

carton and liquid packaging

converting. This coupled with

our unique flexible magnetic

die mounting system makes

die changes effortless.

All CPS presses incorporate our exclusive Primographic printing technology to deliver quality that is equal to offset in tonal range. Using over 3000 pounds of force, our plate cylinder carrier is held in space with extreme accuracy and precision. This eliminates the traditional bounce that is associated with flexo printing. Our print quality is further enhanced by the large diameter gravity feed anilox roll which eliminates ghosting and starvation at higher speeds. With a programmable dynamic impression setting, job specific profiles can be uploaded to achieve the exact impression requirement for each job so that consistent density and dot gains are achieved throughout the entire speed range. These features coupled with our exclusive integrated register controller and superior web transport control results in the highest quality in flexo reproduction.

The Masterchange system allows for a total change of the i nking system including anilox roll and ink. Using an open fountain or chambered fountain, colours can be changed in l ess than 2 minutes while the machine is running production.  The offline component of the Masterchange system is called the cartridge table. Incorporated drives allow for off line make r eady and cleanup of anilox roll/ink fountain and ink. Other features include off-line colour matching and cassette storage.  With a pushbutton control, the pre-register accurately aligns the print-print to within 0.5 mm without any movement of web.  This feature results in set-up waste of less than 40 meters.  Automated servo control also loads and unloads the plate cylinder with extreme speed and accuracy. In summary, the LP series press has shorter make-ready times and less start-up and production waste.

The development of the LP series press targeted enhanced automation for high quality printing, improved efficiency, as well as extremely short make-readies. With its functional ergonomic modular design, the LP press can easily be

extended if additional features are required in the future. This  highly sophisticated machine offers numerous valued added options to meet emerging needs in today's highly competitive


The CPS LP series die cutter is extremely rugged and fast to change over. This modular based system was designed specifically for liquid packaging. The die modules are easily interchangeable and are locked and loaded hydraulically in only 30 seconds. The CPS die cutter supports all types of rotary die t ooling – solid rotary pressure, solid crush cut, flexible rotary pressure, and flexible crush cut. With the ability to cut, crease, and emboss using a single station, the converting possibilities

are endless.

 Featuring 80 mm tapered journals, our heavy duty die modules are designed to run bearer less tooling. This feature is very important for using solid or magnetic RP dies because of the requirement to adjust cylinder gap. Our die gap adjust mechanism allows the cylinder gaps to be changed by increments of 0.0025 mm in only seconds. Using our exclusive Auto Die Loader, flexible steel dies are precisely registered a nd mounted together all in one motion. Using our unique locking system, offline die makeready can

be accomplished in less than 2 minutes.

                            By precisely locating and l                              locking the die loader to the

                              die modules, accurate  

                              mounting is easily achieved

                              each time the dies are used.

Integrated on each die module, the servo driven outboard stripper, effortlessly removes island, and side scrap. Our universal stripping disc design allows multiple jobs to be run on the same discs so tooling cost is minimized. A rigid robust frame design allows for zero waste between cartons and as l ow as 3mm of side trim. All components are quick release so discs, combs, and support rails are very easy to change. 

T he servo driven skew tape precisely separates and transports the cartons to the shingling conveyor. Separation between the upper and lower belt is pneumatically controlled so lateral position changes can easily be made.

Persistant Focus on Quality and Productivity

   LP Series Configuration            Building Your Press Your Way

Whether you need value added accessories for producing high end folding cartons, or reverse print for

applying abhesive for liquid packaging, CPS can offer many different configurations to suit your specific needs.

      Standard features:

     -Servo driven multi drawroll web transport system               -Two heavy duty web guides

     -Servo driven Primographic print head                               -Servo driven chilling rolls

     -Automated web de-curler                                                -Servo driven die infeed system

     -Heavy duty modular single die station                              -Integrated outboard pin stripper

     -Servo driven skew and shingling conveyor                         -Bosch Indramat ®  control system

     -Hiross ICE water chilling system                                       -Zero waste pre-register system

     Optional Features:

     -Reverse print unit                                                          -Stork ® RSI insert

     -Multiple die cutting positions                                           -Contact or non contact web cleaning

     -Batcher stacker                                                              -Right to Left press direction

     -Cold foil insert                                                               -Hot foil insert

     Drying Options:

       CPS exclusively uses GEW® for our UV                        The Xeric ® IR dryers provide an industry

     curing requirements. For carton converting,                  proven system for drying water based inks

     we use the high efficiency ISO-Cure system                 and coatings.  We use these dryers

     which has a water cooled Lamp head and                     exclusively because of their efficient

     operates at 600 watts/inch.                                        operation, and compact design.

The LP Series Die Cutting Advantage

                                                          LP560                      LP 685                             LP813             

Maximum Web Width                            22(560mm)              27" (685mm)              32" (813mm)

Maximum Print  Width                        21.75" (552mm)    26.75" (680mm)          31.75" (806mm)

Minimum Print Repeat                         15" (355mm)            15" (381mm)                16" (406mm)

Maximum Print Repeat                                                             34" (864mm)

Minimum Cut Repeat                             20" (381mm)           22" (560mm)                 24" (610mm)

Maximum Cut Repeat                                                               40" (1016mm)

Thickness Range                                                             0.012" - 0.30" (0.3 - 0.76mm)

Number of Colours                                                                             1 - 12

Maximum Speed                                                                   800 f/m (240 m/m)

  “The print quality of the CPS

press is second to none. We are

constantly getting praise from

our customers about the

accuracy and consistency of our

printed product. Our company

is growing quickly, and I have

no doubt we will be discussing

the requirements around the

next press very soon!

I commend CPS on your service

& commitment to your clients”.

William McKnight


Web Flexo Division

Ellis Packaging Group

“We are very pleased that we

have made the choice to go with CPS. Their build time, installation, and commissioning were nothing short of phenomenal. The LP 685 machine is well constructed and robust enough to handle the rigors of a demanding

production environment.  The press is very operator friendly which is reflected in the very short make readies and minimal amount of material wastage”.

John Dunkerley

Technical Manager Carton


Nampak Rigid Plastics


Keywords: Die Cutting

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