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By: Arnaf  09-12-2011
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Arnaf Shears

Arnaf scissors are made with 3 different steel alloys for our three different categories of scissors - Legend, Prime, and Econo. Arnaf Legend scissors are made with the vanadium, manganese steel alloy. It gives you the required hardness and smoothness for exceptionally durable cutting edge. All three categories of Arnaf scissors are designed keeping in view the market demand.

Not forgetting to mention the implements, all Arnaf implements are made with very fine quality rust resistance stainless steel to ensure the durability of the cutting edge.

Technical Info About Edge / Blade

Hollow Ground

Hollow ground means the inner surface of the blade is slightly curved inward (concave). This feature decreases friction between the two blades, thus giving smoothness. This feature also adds to the durability of the blade. The hollow grinding is carried out in a radius of 60-80mm. All the Arnaf shears are hand honed and hollow ground.

Cutting Edge
There are two basic kinds of cutting edges.

  1. Bevelled Edge

Bevelled Edge simply means that the edge is thick. This is a traditional German style. Since the edge is thick the scissor is more heavy duty.

  1. Convex Edge

The convex edge has an even curve from the rear of the blade toward the edge, forming a very fine angle along the blades edge. Such an edge is great for slide cuts, slice cuts, chipping etc.

Both of these edges can have micro serrations on them.

Different Shears Styles

Even or Level Handle

This is classical basic design it is also called the “OPPOSING HAND LE”.

The Offset Handle

This is a relatively modern design best suited for stylists who use the ring finger to hold the scissor. This offset handle design allows cutting with a more open hand position. The shorter thumb handle reduces over extension of the thumb.

Crane Handle

This style is best suited for stylists who prefer a lower elbow position when cutting.  

Different Kind of Joints for Nippers

Box Joint always improves the quality and adds to the durability of the nippers although it requires more craftsmanship and labour. Because of their higher torsion resistance box joint is recommended for all professional nail nippers and cuticle nippers.

Most of Arnaf’s cuticle and nail nippers are made with box joint.

Few Important Tips For Taking Care of The Arnaf Shears

  • Keep the scissors clean all the time. The blades should be wiped after every use with a clean soft cloth. Blades of all razor sharp scissors are so delicate that even a small dust particle can ruin the edge very quickly.
  • Regularly oil your scissors around and under the screw plus the pivot area. Use gentle oil that will not become gummy or sticky. It is also very important to check the tension of the shear once in a while. A too tight tension forces the blades to grind against each other and too lose tension will not have the right balance.
  • Avoid knocking your scissors on the table or dropping them on the floor. This can cause nicks on the cutting edge. It is best to get into the habit of placing your scissors in a sage spot on your workstation when not in use to avoid accidents.
  • Another common way of damaging a shears edge is when the blades are forced to cut large section. This struggling through a cut means the scissors that is being used is too light for the task and can damage you shears edge. So try to cut in small sections.


Keywords: Blades, Scissors