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By: Anello Clinic  09-12-2011

Nutrition Counselling

R.A.S.T. Food Allergy Testing (Immuno One Bloodprint)

At the Anello Clinic we recognize the importance of looking at all levels of the body. Observing the blood is one way of determining nutrient deficiencies and organ imbalances, and can also be used to determine hidden food allergies. Because of the different immunoglobulin forms that appear in the blood the traditional scratch testing does not usually identify all hidden food allergies. In order for us to do the extensive detective work needed to effectively determine all allergies blood samples are drawn and sent to a lab in the United States.

The Immuno One Bloodprint is one of the many services offered at the Anello Clinic dedicated to helping you achieve superior health.

Usually food, when digested, is broken down into simple components which are easily absorbed and assimilated into the body. Under certain circumstances, food is not broken down adequately and larger, complex components are then absorbed into the bloodstream. These food molecules cause the immune system to react triggering an immune system response. The antibodies observed are called immunoglobulin. Although still considered investigational, measuring Immunoglobulin G (IgG) antibodies to food aids a person greatly in designing an elimination and rotation diet. (Please note, this specific immunoglobulin reaction is not the usual immediate allergy reaction that can cause anaphylaxis in a person. This reaction is mediated by Immunoglobulin E. Peanut allergy is the most commonly thought of reaction in this class.) The types of reactions that this testing pinpoints are reactions that can occur several hours to several days after the food is eaten. These reactions can be multiple and varied as is evident from the list of possible reactions mediated by IgG antibodies to foods found at the end of this section.

The Immuno One Bloodprint is a method used to determine an individuals specific food allergies. To get an individual's exact bloodprint a sample of blood is drawn and sent to an accredited laboratory in the United States. Once at the lab highly trained technicians inject a small sample of your blood into micro titer wells. These individual wells contain 115 different food antigens. Over a few hours, antibodies in your serum will interact with the various food antigens after which a high tech scanner reads and records the toxic reactions observed in your blood serum as it interfaces with each food sample. Following this, state of the art computers record the reactions in the blood and divide them into 4 categories of reactivity. Each test goes through a stringent, three level quality control program.

When results are gathered and returned you will receive a complete analysis of your allergies as well as a program outlining a rotational food diary. Following the easy to read 'four day rotation plan' will help to free the body of a number of symptoms as well as taking the strain off of the immune system. The personalized booklet also includes various ideas for food substitutions and a daily food planner.

Possible Reactions mediated by IgG Antibodies:

weight gain, mood swings, migraines, eczema, arthritis pain, depression, insomnia, brain fog, diarrhea, fluid retention, fevers, abdominal cramps, addictions, fatigue, bowel disorders, incontinence, cancer sores, anxiety, postnasal drip, respiratory problems, achiness.

Please note that this laboratory test is not covered by the Ontario Hospital Insurance Plan (OHIP).

Nutrition Counselling

At the Anello Clinic we feel strongly in addressing underlying nutrient deficiencies and dietary imbalances. The extensive blood work done on each patient will often reveal lower than optimal levels in specific nutrients, like vitamin B12, vitamin A, magnesium etc. Through the support of our qualified nutrition consultant we will provide you with practical ideas for addressing these deficiencies through diet and supplementation. Symptoms are assessed on an individual basis with both the doctor and nutrition consultant to help the body return to it's natural balance.

Individual sessions are available for a nominal fee to help guide you on your journey. The nutrition consultant will assess all of the supplements you are currently taking as well as those suggested by the doctor. Together we will determine the most beneficial time to be taking each of your vitamins and minerals. Following that we will look more in-depth at issues of acid and alkaline balance which are important in preventing conditions like osteoporosis and arthritis as well, we will assess blood sugar imbalances which can create implications in the body's healing process and predispose the individual to insulin insufficiency.

Individuals will also be taught how to increase their overall fiber intake, lower blood pressure with supplements and foods, reduce excess weight and improve digestion and elimination.

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