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By: Affina Canada  09-12-2011

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Affinia Global Brake and Chassis officially re-branded its chassis offerings under the, Raybestos® name during 2008.  Raybestos Chassis features superior coverage of aftermarket SKU’s and an industry-leading warranty.  Raybestos Chassis Ball Joints and Tie Rods are designed and engineered with Advanced Technology® materials, featuring friction-reducing synthetic composites that help reduce metal-on-metal contact and, as a result, require less maintenance.  Advanced Technology Chassis parts have smooth finishes that slide easier and provide longer product life maintenance than competing parts, while continuing to provide superior performance and reliability

Ball Joints

Ball joints are one-piece forged for strength, with two-piece cylindrical wedges that provide the industry's finest fatigue/wear resistance. Ball joints are cold formed and heat-treated for superior strength and durability. The full ball design delivers ample wear surface and a fused urethane boot to prevent joint disintegration.

Idler Arms

Affinia idler arms incorporate super-sized bearings for superior stability and zero side-to-side endplay. Precision-engineered stud and bracket bearing surfaces extend life and optimize performance with low-friction bearings set for smooth steering.

Tie Rod Ends

Tie rod ends are designed with one-piece forged housing for strength. A paired-bearing design yields low-friction, high-impact resistance. Precision-machine studs deliver consistent torque for smooth operation with dyno testing to assure performance.

Sway Bar Link

Cold-forged sway bar rods assure superior strength and stability, while incorporating performance-enhancing low-friction design. A full-ball stud maximizes the performance surface area.

A one-two power-punch of ball joint/control arm combination has set the standard for heavy-duty vehicles. Technicians benefit from a complete solution in this premium quality, professional-grade product.

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While our products are manufactured and sourced from all around the world, Affinia has made a global commitment to quality, assuring the highest possible level of fit, form and function in all products regardless of where they are made. Our brake systems are comprehensive, covering every component from friction to drums and rotors, many of which are marketed under the industry leading Raybestos® brand.


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Affinia Group offers a comprehensive line of brake system components marketed primarily under the Raybestos® brand, one of the oldest and most recognized lines in the industry dating back to 1902. With safety as the primary consideration, Affinia brake systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards and sourced from around the globe.


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Affinia Group is the world’s leading aftermarket supplier of oil, air, fuel, cabin air, transmission, hydraulic, and coolant filters for all types of vehicles and machinery - from NASCAR® race cars to earth-moving equipment, and from Mini Coopers to electricity-producing windmills.