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By: Affina Canada  09-12-2011
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Affinia Group offers a comprehensive line of brake system components marketed primarily under the Raybestos® brand, one of the oldest and most recognized lines in the industry dating back to 1902. During 2007, Affinia greatly expanded its brake product offerings with the acquisition in 2007 of Brake Pro, a leader in heavy-duty and severe-duty friction markets, ranging from logging and mining to construction and waste handling. Affinia also markets brakes under the Aimco® brand.

With safety as the primary consideration, Affinia brake systems are manufactured to the highest quality standards and sourced from around the globe. Everything from brake drums to rotors, pads, shoes and hydraulic parts are included in Affinia’s brake product offering. Substantial investments are made each year in research and development, which includes involvement in one of the toughest proving grounds available, professional racing.

Disc Brake Pads

Disc brake pads are available in three grades: advanced, professional and service grades, offering a price point for every need. Advanced pads assure the lowest noise and longest life, featuring quiet coated hardware for maximum noise suppression. Advanced pad formulations deliver increased stopping power and electronic wear sensors are incorporated where applicable. Professional grade disc pads feature noise damping and superior durability and optimized brake performance. The service grade features friction materials engineered for safe, quiet braking. Extensive coverage is assured throughout the brake pad line.


Brake Shoes

Professional grade brake shoes from Affinia are designed to provide the best overall premium performance for everyday driving conditions. When combined with Affinia professional grade drums, brake shoes provide optimum stopping performance. Brake shoe design features include correct shoe to drum contact, highest shear strength and highest possible bond integrity. All levers and hardware match OE specifications with powder coated paint to prevent rust and provide superior durability.


Rotors are offered in advanced and professional grades, following OE specifications for safety and performance. The Advanced Technology line includes a no return guarantee policy for installers, which is backed by metallurgy expertise, rust prevention coating, vane configuration engineering and attention to detail.


Professional Grade Brake Drums are available in the most complete line of premium, high quality, drums on the market. These vehicle-specific drums provide consistent quality, strength, performance and reduced noise. For vehicles requiring drums, Professional Grade has the best coverage in the industry. Castings meet SAE J431/G3000 specifications with 30,000 PSI tensile strength to assure consistent quality, strength, performance and reduced noise. Composite plates are incorporated where specified by OE, with engineering and manufacturing to ensure proper fit, function and safety.


Premium loaded calipers are built to be consistent with federal safety standards for quality, performance and safety. Affinia provides loaded calipers with Professional Grade premium disc brake pads to assure safe, smooth and quiet braking. Key features include friction designed for application-specific needs and proper braking performance. Calipers arrive ready to install to reduce labor time, with 100 percent pressure testing to ensure safe, leak-free performance with no comebacks. Corrosion resistant high-temperature synthetic lubricant is used in all critical slide areas, resulting in trouble-free operation.

Hub Assemblies

The latest generation of hub units from Affinia incorporates leading edge technology. The primary features include lifetime lubrication, angular bearing contact for axial stability and integral lifetime seal, wheel mounting and suspension mounting flanges and ABS sensors. With the professional installer in mind, hub assemblies provide simplified installation, offering maintenance free operation with maximized bearing life.

Wheel Cylinders

Wheel cylinder lines from Affinia match the design of each vehicle's OE specifications. They are built for long service life and feature the highest quality components for superior resistance to heat, corrosion and leakage. PG PLUS™ wheel cylinders from Affinia deliver consistent, safe and reliable performance. Primary features include match to OE design, proper fit, function and safety, highest quality rubber component and superior resistance to heat and corrosion for long service life.

Master Cylinders

PG PLUS™ hydraulic brake master cylinders from Affinia use aluminum and iron castings for an exact match to the design of a vehicle's original equipment. Technically advanced components ensure safe and reliable braking. With PG PLUS™ premium products, replacement brakes perform as good as original equipment. Design features include castings matched to OE Design, reduced weight for brake booster mounting and finishing that prevents chemical reaction that can lead to corrosion and early failure.

Hoses and Cables

PG PLUS™ brake hoses meet federal standards to ensure performance and safety, while providing longer hose life, exceptional durability and ease of installation. PG PLUS™ brake hoses from Affinia utilize premium fittings to ensure a good hydraulic seal. Affinia hoses and cables perform to standards required by OE manufacturers, ensuring optimal protection, service life and safety.


PG PLUS™ brake hardware is manufactured to precise specifications in form, fit and function. PG Plus uses materials that perform to OE specifications or better. Complete restoration of braking systems is assured with PG PLUS hardware, the most often overlooked components when it comes to safe, reliable, smooth operating and quiet brake jobs.


The performance and safety standards for police forces are met with offerings from Affinia. Safety features such as traction and stability control and brake force distribution are electronically integrated. Such technology demands application-specific brake components are designed to keep vehicles operating at maximum performance under extreme conditions.

Engineered with advanced technology, Affinia’s police-formulated line of brake pads, rotors and calipers deliver industry-leading performance. Created to reduce overall cost per mile while maintaining peak performance levels at high temperatures, Affinia has spent years researching and testing these systems so that whether in city or highway service, police officers can rely on brake systems in any conditions.

Raybestos® brand brakes are well regarded within racing’s top circuits. As the Official Brakes of NASCAR® and the preferred brake friction for the IndyCar Series and Firestone Indy Lights road and street course events, Raybestos provides a full line of racing products that are preferred by many of the world’s leading teams. In addition to its sponsorship involvements, including recognition of the Raybestos Rookie of the Year in NASCAR, the racetrack provides an ideal test environment for brake system materials that are incorporated into the full Raybestos line for light-duty and heavy-duty vehicles.

Keywords: Brake Systems

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