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By: Grpp  09-12-2011

Precision Planting's®
20/20 FAMILY

The 20/20 family of products by Precision Planting offers todays innovative farmer the tools to make educated management decisions with real time information while working within the same 20/20 base unit to minimize in cab clutter and the need to upgrade screens!


Just a few years ago, we put up with meter accuracy of 95%, 96% and with the right seed, maybe even 97%. But today, there is no reason to head to the field with meters that are less than 99.0% accuracy. That difference can make you $5 for every percent improvement in accuracy.

The MeterMax System is a simple way to measure the ability of your meter to singulate seed. We mount your meter in the stand, fill it with the type and size of seed you plan to plant, and then record the performance based on your population and planting speeds.

Put your meters on our MeterMax Ultra and get precise seed spacing. Here's how we as a certified MeterMax operator can help you get the most from your meters:

  1. Clean, replace worn parts and properly balance the meter.
  2. Place a finger pickup or vacuum meter onto the stand.
  3. Add the specific seed size and weight corn that you intend to plant.
  4. Set the Test Stand speed gauge to your planting speed.
  5. Count the meter errors using advanced sensor technology.
  6. Adjust the meter and retest until you've eliminated all meter errors.

Precision at 14 seeds per second.

Remember that a meter must singulate 12 to 14 corn seeds per second. So little things in a meter make a huge difference.

Keeton Seed Firmers®

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