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By: The Secretan Center Inc.  30-11-2011
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What the World Needs Now. Don Tapscot, in his recent Huffingtpon Post article reports on the priorities of the World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Councils. He notes that they are: Growth and Employment Models The policy prescriptions, industry models and performance incentives that emerged from an era of consumption and debt-driven growth must be transformed to deliver quality growth. Growth that is sustainable, entrepreneur-driven and employment-creating should be the outcome of the rebalancing and deleveraging of the global economy. Leadership and Innovation Models The leading countries and global governance institutions of the Cold War era must create space for major emerging economies, private sector institutions and multi-stakeholder partnerships. These new actors should have the responsibility not only to address important global and regional challenges but also to introduce innovative solutions. Sustainability and Resource Models The realization that human activities have a major impact on Earth’s ecosystem must drive future changes in behaviour and policies. Our ecological footprint will have to be fully internalized in business models. Social and Technological Models The next wave of technological innovation, particularly in life sciences, nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, will not just deliver productivity gains but will also transform us by adding new dimensions to our lives. As the “Internet of things” that connects billions of sensors and devices becomes a reality, stakeholders should work together to safeguard the knowledge, data and networks that are critical resources for our future development. _______________________________________________________________ …and I say all of these are laudable. AND, let’s add one more – one that perhaps could become an umbrella “model” for all the others because it is a condition for the success of them all: A Spiritual Model The world needs a reinvention of current thinking in order to move us away from a competitive model based on separateness, to a new one based on collaboration and the recognition of oneness. Economic, climate, religious, technological and intellectual events are no longer local – everything is global. We are our brother’s keepers. This new model can simply be described as one where we first consider the impact our decisions, conversations, laws and actions before we introduce or implement them. “Will this inspire others?” is a prerequisite condition that, if asked, can help us to build the world we are all seeking. We can begin here. World leaders have a responsibility, along with all of the rest of us, to assume responsibility for setting the tone and the pace of this change of thinking. We need it today more than ever.

Keywords: Author, Lance Secretan

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