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By: Plumb Perfect  09-12-2011

Your Septic & Pump Specialist

Maintenance, Repair and Inspection of Septic Systems

Plumb Perfect can handle all of your septic system needs.  From the repair or replacement of your pump, blower, lid, timer or floats to line jetting or providing a detailed inspection of your septic system, we have over 18 years of experience to help you.

Expert Service for Aquarobic Septic Systems

As an authorized Aquarobic service dealer, our team is trained in all aspects of inspections, diagnostic and corrective procedures, repairs and parts replacements. Regular maintenance is essential to keep your Aquarobic system operating at peak efficiency and to prevent costly blower or pump replacements. A properly functioning system is good not only for you but for the environment and follows the Ministry of Health guidelines and the Ontario Building Code.

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Did You Know?

Are you having to frequently pump out your tank? A leaking faucet or toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water and cause your septic to back up. Repair any drips, leaks and running on toilets to prevent your system from flooding.

Chemicals, bleaches, detergents and soap inhibit or kill bacterial action in your septic system. This allows solids to accumulate in the tank, some of which flow out and clog the drain field or septic bed.

reduces sludge buildup and restores bacterial action to make your septic work at full efficiency.

extends the life of your bed preventing costly replacement.

With proper care, your septic system will remain trouble free and your bed will last years longer.

Basement Flooding?

Ask about the solutions we offer to prevent basement flooding. There are many solutions, including some you may not have considered or even been aware of. Typical approaches include:

  • installing the correct sump pump
  • installing a battery back-up sump pump
  • installing a water or flood alarm, that will either emit a sound or telephone you if flooding is possible
  • installing a valve to prevent water from backing into house from sewer

Pumps and More Pumps

Plumb Perfect has access to an extensive selection of quality pumps to solve any water problem. We carry brand name pumps such as Gould, GrundFos, Myers, Duro and several others. Whether your home needs a submersible or pedestal sump pump, septic pump, battery back-up sump pump, sewage ejector pump, shallow well pump, a convertible or submersible well pump OR any combination of the above, we have what your home needs.

With our extensive knowledge and experience we can successfully select the correct type and size of pump to meet your needs. Sadly, we have seen far too many systems fail because the installer or homeowner attempted to save money by doing the work themselves or chose an inadequate pump. If you are unsure about selecting a pump please call us to set up an appointment.

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