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The following is a list of services we can carry out on your behalf and covers a small part of our in-house skill set. If you would like to discuss a particular requirement please contact us for a detailed review.

Application Modernization

One of the many problems cited with the IBM 'i' is its green screen (5250) interface. There have been a number of refacing technologies developed which allow you to reface your existing application. However most of these technologies require major application changes or major projects to create new web enabled interfaces. LookSoftware we believe is now leading the race for an acceptable refacing tool. We have used the products internally to reface our applications and found that we required no changes to the underlying objects for a GUI interface out of the box. This is because al of our screen are built using UIM which produces CUA compliant screens, however DDS created screens have no such restrictions which can cause the refacing of certain screens to fail. We have the skills required to review all of your screens and ensure the application will function as required using the LookSoftware technology.

Program Packaging

All of our products are packaged as IBM licensed Program Products using the tools we have developed internally. If you have an application and would like to have help developing it as a Licensed Program Product please call us for a detailed assessment of what is involved.

HA/DR Review

With over 150 HA installations under our belt we know what kinds of problems can occur when defining a truly first class availability solution. using the knowledge we have gained over many years we can help you define your solution from the outset or review the existing one providing you with a detailed map of your exposures and options.

Product implementation

Our products are designed to be installed and configured by administration level staff, we try to ensure the skill levels required are kept to a minimum while providing a top class solution. Sometimes this is not enough, maybe you don't have administration level staff or they are too over worked to be able to carry out a new task. We offer affordable installation help for all of our products using skilled staff who have intimate knowledge of the products.


Need a new application written or an existing one improved? We have the skills required to add value to your existing applications and development team. Although our main development focus is using C and UIM for the interface we do have skills in other languages and interfaces such as DDS etc. Our primary aim is to provide you with the skills you are missing for short duration projects. If you are looking at a modernization project and require some additional resource to help with integration of new interfaces or technologies our programming skills will be very beneficial.


  • Skilled staff with years of experience
  • Extensive IBM 'i' skills
  • Extends your existing skills
  • Remote services available

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This technology forms the basis for the HA4i product, we automate the apply of the data contained within the journal receivers using the IBM APYJRNCHG commands ensuring data integrity across receiver changes. Written to fill a gap in the existing High Availability products JobQGenie captures the job queue content which is then stored for replication to the remote system using your High Availability solution.