By: Jaggenterprizes  09-12-2011
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(Cracks, snap tie, beam pockets, window leaks and honeycomb)

In most cases cracks are not a cause for concern from a structural point of view, but more of a leak concern.

Most interior water sealing can be done with an injection system.  The technician sent out to do your repair will go through a series of steps before injecting an expanding poly-urethane resin into the crack.  The urethane is injected into the centre of the crack at a rate of pressure up to 3000psi, until the material is seen coming out on the other side of the foundation wall.   During its reacting stage the urethane will expand up to 10 times its’ size in volume and fill the void in the concrete, from the bottom to the top and from the centre to both sides of the foundation wall.

Leaks through cracks, snap ties, honeycombing and beam pockets all follow the same procedure.  Leaks around windows may also be due to gaps around the window that may require the window to be replaced or   may also be due to poor caulking.  Thorough assessment of the window will identify the problem, in order to have a proper repair completed and the leak stopped.

Urethane is an expanding material that once cured will absorb any foundation movement and give the wall a permanent seal that will not allow any further water to come through.  The poly-urethane resin was developed for repairs in electric dams, subway tunnels, parking garages and man holes and has a life span of 500 years when not in contact with the sun.  It does not shrink, crack or dry, but remains more of a rubber/sponge like material.  It is non toxic and odorless.

Keywords: Window