By: Eomac  09-12-2011
Keywords: Wall Panels, Digital Graphics, fire retardant

PRO-STRETCH Fabric Acoustic Wall and Ceiling Treatment System

Prefabricated Acoustic Panels

  • PRO-PANEL Prefabricated Acoustical Wall Panels are factory finished, shipped, ready to install.
  • PRO-PANEL Acoustical Ceiling Clouds are an effective way to add ceiling absorption to interiors.
  • DECORCORD Armoured Panel is a high abuse-resistant acoustic panel.
  • Seating

    Acoustic Wall Carpet

    Eomac’s fire retardant wall carpets are soft, flexible, acoustically absorbent, yet suitable for all high traffic areas. These durable wall carpets mask scratches, scrapes and bumps. To learn more about Eomac Wall Carpets, click on the arrow.

    Digital Graphics

    Home Theatre

    Eomac creates a real cinematic atmosphere and provides excellent visual and sound quality! To learn more about Eomac Home Theatre, click on the arrow.

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    Other products and services from Eomac


    EOMAC - Acoustic Wall Carpet

    Eomac Wall Carpets are acoustically absorbent and helps to control sound reverberation. Eomac’s Crews are expert wall carpet installers who understand cinema construction. Easy to maintain with its self-healing composition. PRO-TECT Carbon Fibre Acoustic Wall Protection. DECORCORD Fibre Bonded Ribbed Wall Covering. Does not pill or fray.


    EOMAC - Pro-Stretch

    PRO-STRETCH is an efficient and economic system which eliminates excessive shipping cost, reduces unnecessary fabrication time and facilitates on-site coordination. Eomac PRO-STRETCH is a site built fabric acoustic wall and ceiling treatment system designed specifically for modern digital cinema construction. Design flexible and aesthetically advanced, PRO-STRETCH distinguishes your entertainment venue as a state-of-the-art facility.


    EOMAC - seating

    Eomac’s commitment to quality and customer service will help you achieve the right seat and seating options to fit your specific project requirements; whether new build, retrofit or the development of a premiere/VIP service. Eomac’s experienced Project Managers and installers oversee and execute your cinema seating project accurately and efficiently, avoiding unnecessary costly delays and disruption.


    EOMAC - front ends

    Over the past 20 years Eomac has become an industry leader and innovator in the design supply and installation of screen frames, screens and masking systems. Eomac recognized early on that there was a strong synergy between providing acoustic wall treatments and providing front ends for cinema exhibition. Every detail is studied and accounted for from speaker platforms to access ladders.



    Install lighted graphics for advertising, theming, branding or decoration on interior auditorium walls. Non-glare graphics are illuminated in a billboard sized display. Advertisements, branding, signage… Endless design possibilities. When the movie starts images completely disappear. Cinema walls transformed into profit centres.