DistriSort Service & After Sales

By: Distrisort  09-12-2011

Service and maintenance

The goal of DistriSort is maximum profitability of the system. We are good for it and good in it. Acquiring a customer is not the most difficult part of the job but keeping it satisfied is much complexer. That is why service is topriority of DistriSort.

When the system is installed there is always a need of support and maintenance. Although a system of DistriSort needs, when properly used and maintained as written in the handout and at commissioning, no more than 2 days of maintenance per year.

The choice for maintenance and support is always a client decision. We offer possibilities as: no support at all upto 24/7 service and maintenance. Between these two choices there are a lot of possibilities!

You want to know more about the possibilities, please contact our service and after sales department by