Geomelt - BP Landscaping Brampton Ontario

By: BP Landscaping  09-12-2011

Why use GEOMELT®

  • Patented and a long history of use in Canada and the United States
  • GEOMELT® is the "Original Sugar Beet-Based Organic Accelerator"
  • Environmentally friendly organic ice melting system
  • 100% organic agricultural product made from the sugar-beet industry
  • All natural, agricultural product derived from renewable resources
  • Unequalled efficacy - features versatile ice control performance, with all chlorides
  • Freeze temperature of -30ºC
  • Does not attract animals
  • Does not promote bacterial growth
  • Non-corrosive superior alternative for winter de-icing
  • Will not harm vegetation, cars, sidewalks, equipment and our roads
  • Most effective "Anti-caking" treatment for salt piles
  • Eliminates "freezing and bridging" in tanks and sprayers

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