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By: Auto Analyser Services  09-12-2011


Q: What warranty does Auto Analyser offer on repairs?

A: Auto Analyser warrants defects in repairs for 90 days

Q: How should I ship my tool in, can I drop it off?

A: All major couriers deliver to Auto Analyser Services on a regular basis, be sure to ship PREPAID. You are welcome to drop off any tool during regular business hours.

Q: What are your regular business hours

A: Monday to Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM EST

Q: My Genisys/Mentor/Determinator won't turn on/is frozen, what should I do?

A: Remove the battery cover and disconnect the battery. Reattach the battery and connect the AC charger. If tool will still not turn on, test charger output, should be approximately 15 volts. If charger passes and tool still will not turn on, complete repair form and send tool for repair.

Q: My Genisys/Mentor/Determinator battery life seems short

A: The Gensisy Pro scan tools (red power button) feature a quick start circuitry that places a continual draw on the battery even when not turned on. Ensure that the tool is charged for a 3 hour period, at least once/week even when not in use. If with proper charging you still experience short battery life, Auto Analyser has an OTC high output battery available that increases battery life. Please call to order.

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