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By: WhiteHat  09-12-2011
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Best- of- Breed Solutions

At WhiteHat we strive to meet your high expectations by offering the best-of-breed security solutions on the market today, while keeping an eye on some that are on the horizon. We partner with leading manufacturers with vision so that we bring only the very best security technologies to our customers to protect their investment. Our philosophy is quite simple. You demand the very best, and we deliver the very best in IT Security Products & Solutions.

Certified Product Specialists

WhiteHat  provides the best possible customer experience for anyone seeking information on best-of-breed security solutions.  All of our sales staff are highly trained and certified in our security products and their licensing programs.   In addition, we have Certified Product Specialists who are technology and licensing experts. These professionals are available to consult with you and answer any questions you may have to complement service provided by our regular sales staff every week, Mon to Fri.

Product Licensing Management

WhiteHat believes in being a proactive partner in helping you to manage all of your security licenses.  We monitor your renewal dates monthly and keep you informed of any manufacturer licensing changes.  We also contact you regarding any special offers/promotions if applicable and will keep track of any discount milestones moving forward. We do everything we can to help you save money on your future licensing purchases.

Maintenance Consolidation

If you are like most organizations, you have acquired security technologies from multiple vendors over the years. You may also have purchased your licenses at different times, leaving you with numerous expiry dates and maintenance contracts to manage.  At WhiteHat, we help you to manage this process by quoting your maintenance to synch up with every new purchase you make. This allows your company to manage the renewal process more efficiently as well as to consolidate all current and pre-existing maintenance with new solutions moving forward.

Toll Free Customer Support

We consider technical support to be a priority for all customers and extend a Toll-Free Support number to all of our clients in Canada & the US who renew or have active Maintenance/Support agreements in place through WhiteHat Inc.

Keywords: It Security, Licensing, Sales Staff, Security, Security Products