Value Miner Incorporated - Exit Planning Specialists

By: Value Miner  09-12-2011

Value Miner’s services include:

Value Miner offers a proven seven step process for exit planning.

1. Identify exit objectives of the business owner

2. Quantify the owner’s business and personal financial resources

3. Maximize and protect business value

4. Plan for ownership transfer to third parties

5. Plan for ownership transfer to insiders

6. Business continuity planning

7. Personal wealth and estate planning

Value Miner is a company which was created to help owners of successful businesses transition out of their business, either through an internal sale or through sale to a third party. In that regard, Value Miner uses a proven exit planning methodology that has been used for more than 25 years to plan exits for business owners operating in nearly every business sector.

Our work involves extensive data collection from you as the business owner, and other stakeholders to fully and accurately comprehend your goals, needs and wants.

Within the seven step transition planning process, Value Miner has particular expertise in the realm of maximizing and protecting business value—otherwise known as business staging. Many exit planning practitioners limit their business improvement efforts to tidying up the balance sheet, normalizing statements to adjust for non-recurring or personal transactions as well as other work that is normally the job of a good tax accountant. Value Miner works in a much broader sphere to achieve a greater level of performance improvement that translates directly into improved cash flow and a higher selling price.

A formal business plan is an important tool for any business that wants to reliably achieve important goals. A good business plan will always trump a long-standing relationship with your banker, when looking to transition your banking relationship to the next generation. Internally, a well-constructed plan eliminates conflict by providing clear accountability and responsibility for results achievement. The process of creating a business plan also provides the communication needed to align key employees thoughts and actions such that conflict is minimized and productivity is maximized.

If formal planning has proven problematic, let Value Miner help you create a plan that will become a tool that drives action within your business. We can facilitate the preparation of your business plan, and provide coaching on its implementation as well as the integration of your succession and staging initiatives into your business planning.

After the acceptance of your personal business exit plan, the work really begins—for you and your team of professionals. Even the best plan is worthless without diligent execution. Implementing an exit plan, particularly one in which business staging is a significant element involves a lot of additional workload. But you also have a business to run. If you let yourself become distracted from your business, you will likely experience “value leakage” from the best deal you are likely to make. What do you do?

Value Miner employs consultants with proven project management skills. We can take on the project management role for the delivery of the elements within your plan, until such time as your plan is fully executed or your business is sold. Where needed, Value Miner can offer resources to assist in completing your plan, or we can coach you on any additional resources that you need to bring to the project in order get the job done.

Our exit plans provide clear accountability, responsibility and focused action towards achieving your goals. We can make the telephone calls and do the follow-up to ensure that your team completes their assigned tasks to your satisfaction. We track the progress of your plan and provide you with regular briefings on progress so that you can do what you do best—run your business.

Many business owners have never gone through the process of selling a business before. The technical and soft issues involved in exiting your business may prove very stressful or daunting. Value Miner provides both individual and group coaching to business owners. Our group coaching takes place in a forum in which business owners can interact with your peers who are also engaged in exiting their business. It is a cost and time-effective way to get advice that you can trust.

Why sell your firm for less than it’s worth? Let Value Miner perform an assessment of your business before you put your business on the market. We will assess your business from the perspective of a potential buyer and/or lender who might be called upon to finance part of the purchase.

We can identify gaps, perceived risks and opportunities to improve your business and give you a structured and focused improvement plan that will enable you to attract more bidders and a higher price for your company. Our assessments can be targeted at specific functional areas, or can include an in-depth review of every functional area of your business, as well as the strength of your management team.

Our focus is to identify improvements that:

•   can be accomplished within your exit planning time frame

•   will have an immediate profit and/or cash flow improvement impact

•   can for the most part be implemented by your own team

•   do not need a significant investment to implement

•   focus on business drivers of interest to potential buyers

•   will improve the value and marketability of your business

Within the context of exit strategy planning, business improvement consulting has a single-minded focus:

•   If your plan is to transfer your business to the next generation, our business improvements should focus on ensuring the viability of your business under the management of the next generation of owner-managers

•   If your plan is to effect a third-party sale, our business improvements focus upon:

Removing obstacles to the sale

•   Reducing or eliminating perceived risk and transaction “noise”

•   Identifying opportunities to improve cash flow and profitability

•   Identifying opportunities for removing non-productive assets

•   Focus on value drivers for a strategic sale

•   Improving performance on key operational and financial benchmarks to attain industry average, if not higher

•   Improving “curb-appeal” of the business

•   Not incurring any capital expenditures

Value Miner consultants are experienced in a broad range of business improvement tools, and can provide not only an assessment of improvements that you need to make, but also assist you in achieving the improvements that you have decided to undertake prior to sale or transfer of your business.