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By: Tutelar Technologies  09-12-2011

What sets Ujigami apart from the competition?

  1. Dock-to-Dock Management and Control: our software manages all activities from receipt of orders and raw material through to delivery of the final product. Total functionality is completely integrated in Ujigami. Other MES suppliers either do not support all functionality (e.g. cannot receive electronic broadcasts, no sequencing capability, few machine interfaces), or rely upon third-party solutions that add complexity and cost to the system.
  2. Eliminate Special Cause Variation: most systems offer tools to report common cause variation. In addition to controlling common cause variation, Ujigami's unique Product Directed Manufacturing approach manages and eliminates special cause variation resulting in zero defect manufacturing.
  3. 100% Web Based: Ujigami works on any web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera) on any device (computer, notebook, thin-client, tablet, smart phone) so you can select the hardware that is best for you. This also means that you can be connected to your shop floor from anywhere.
  4. Flexible Manufacturing Environment: making changes should be as easy as modifying data on a web page. With Ujigami it is! No programming changes or special training required. Make the changes yourself, or get assistance from our team. Continuous Improvement can now be continuous.
  5. Total Solution Ownership: our team has real manufacturing experience so we understand your need to have a system that works all the time. No matter what the problem is, what caused the issue, or when the problem occurs, our team will jump in to help you find the root cause and create a sustainable solution that works.

Other systems may work, but they cannot create a truly flexible manufacturing environment that gives the peace of mind that the Ujigami solution delivers.

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