Tallman Bronze Company - gear blanks

By: Tallman Bronze  09-12-2011
Keywords: Copper, quality assurance, copper based alloys


Our centrifugal process enables us to cast gear blanks to near net shape thereby reducing the material and machining costs.

Manufacture both standard and custom gear blanks.

Cast up to 54" diameter (planned expansion to 80").

Produce gears in copper based alloys including manganese, aluminum and tin bronzes as well as A.G.M.A. alloys.

Manufacture gears to A.G.M.A., A.S.T.M. and D.I.N. specifications among others.

Meet O.E.M. specifications and those of the replacement markets.

Supply gears to the elevator industry where Quality Assurance is paramount.

Are competitive on both production and low volume requirements.

Offer expedited service normally at no extra charge for breakdown requirements.

Keywords: Copper, copper based alloys, quality assurance,

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Tallman Bronze Company - bushbear

Supply most copper based alloys including tin, leaded tin, aluminum and manganese bronzes, pure copper, etc. Our centrifugal process enables us to cast near net shape thus reducing the material and machining costs. Cast up to 54" diameter (planned expansion to 80" diameter).


Tallman Bronze Company - resistance

Specialize in high conductivity grade centrifugally cast copper as well as controlled conductivity grades. Centrifugal casting is the preferred method of producing rotor end rings for A.C. induction motors. Can supply chrome copper when increased strength and high conductivity is required. O.E.M.s specify this manufacturing method for optimum quality.


Tallman Bronze Company - bofltips

Tallman 'multiple orifice lance tips assemblies' are supplied with carbon steel, stainless steel or with copper sleeves to facilitate on site replacement without the need to follow exotic time consuming procedures. Four years of engineering and product development resulted in revolutionary patented redesign changes which alter the water flows in the water-cooled lance tip.


Tallman Bronze Company - watercool

Tallman makes a variety of oxy-fuel parts and complete burner assemblies under license for OEM?s such as Air Liquide, PTI, and Fuchs, etc. All water cooled copper Burner Panels can be designed to include connections for Post Combustion Oxygen and Carbon Injection. All water cooled copper Burner Panels are custom designed to match the shape of the burner and the furnace opening.


Tallman Bronze Company - eafltips

This new patented design can improve the water cooling efficiency in a lance tip by a factor of four which will lead to longer lance tip life. Tallman EAF lance tips are configured for a specific oxygen flow rate and Mach number. Established designer and manufacturer of EAF lance tips. With or without an integrated carbon injection port. Interchangeable with all OEM supplied lance tips. Replaceable on-site by mill operators.