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By: Solanta Technologies  09-12-2011

One of the objectives of the first-step-in-computing solution is to make it possible for the novice user to effectively use the computer without training and help her/him to overcome natural hesitation to face an unfamiliar and complex situation. The idea is to make the use of a computer at the entry level no more complex than using a TV set.

Special software (User Interface) designed and developed by Solanta Technologies will allow the novice user to obtain information relevant to everyday life (education, agriculture, small business, health care, etc.) and perform simple operations such as writing a document in the local language, draw a picture, or play a DVD.

The user interface for more advanced users will allow contributing information materials for sharing with others and organizing the document repository without knowing the computer programming and operating system functions (menu and dialog box driven communication).

The novice level user interaction with the computer will only require the following:

  • switching ON the computer
  • selecting items on the screen using the mouse (browsing the pre-loaded information materials)
  • The intermediate level user interaction will require self-training based on the materials provided at the entry level. At this level the user will understand basic computing technology and operations and will be able to perform the following:

  • edit, save and modify documents using document editor
  • create simple database and design queries and reports
  • produce graphics
  • use the GIS package
  • perform simple image processing
  • maintain files created by available applications
  • view and extract files delivered on CD-ROM
  • The user interface software is designed in such a way that an inexperienced user cannot change the content of the information repository, delete files, and navigate beyond the specified user environment (document repository and selected applications).

    The advanced level user will be able enter directly into the computer original operating system and built-in applications. The Solanta Technologies software will allow the integration of materials in many languages, generating voice messages and the selection/creation of icons appropriate in a given environment.

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    This configuration will introduce the concept of local computer connectivity and subsequently will be used to provide access to the Internet for multiple users simultaneously. Depending on the local infrastructure, the basic system will have an optional radio modem, or VSAT connection. Stand alone solar cells-based power supply unit. Basic system connected to the Internet. Microsoft Home XP (in local language.