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By: Solanta Technologies  09-12-2011

Autonomous Computer System

  • Mobile computer classroom
  • Mobile computer office
  • Mobile telecentre
  • Up to three computers with solar cells based power supply module and connected to the Internet via VSAT or LAN ( Wi-Fi, radio)

    Downloaded with applications in native language and local content

    Optional printer/fax

    Optional lighting LED system *

    * Solanta Technologies also provides stand alone solar power supply module with the LED lighting system only.

    System Configurations

    1. Basic Autonomous System (B A S)

    A low-power (30-50Watt) laptop with the following minimum configuration:

  • Pentium IV or Centrino Processor
  • 256 MB RAM minimum
  • 40GB Hard Disc minimum
  • 16X DVD-ROM
  • Microsoft Home XP (in local language, if available)
  • Stand alone solar cells-based power supply unit (120 or 240 W), plug-and-play.
  • Pre-loaded Application Software:

    • MS Office Package (in local language, if available)
    • Web-based presentation materials on health, agriculture, local technologies, education in English/French/Spanish and local languages (tailored for specific region and needs)

    The main purpose of B A S will be to deliver a robust system at the complexity level of operation similar to using a TV set, with as much information as possible in local languages.

    2. Connected Basic System (C-B A S)

    Basic system connected to the Internet. Depending on the local infrastructure, the basic system will have an optional radio modem, or VSAT connection. System will be connected in cooperation with the local Internet provider.

    3. Tiny Area Network (T A N)

    Up to three computers connected to a hub or router. This configuration will introduce the concept of local computer connectivity and subsequently will be used to provide access to the Internet for multiple users simultaneously.

    4. Connected Tiny Area Network (C-T A N)

    A network of up to three computers connected to the Internet (leased line, dial-up, VSAT) in cooperation with the local Internet provider.

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